On How Important Driving Is

Simply because it allows us to go wherever we want. Not. For me driving is important in case of emergencies. say you need to take someone to the hospital when no one else is available but you and the car, or your neighbor’s car if you don’t have one.

I thought of this a number of times, yet, I still did not enroll myself to driving classes. Soon, I will. After my brother maybe. I just enrolled him to a driving class last Friday and so far he is doing well. Today is his 2nd day and he said that he was able to drive without losing the engine. No, we’re not buying a car if that’s what you think. He’s trying his luck to work abroad with my husband and driving is the first required. I will for sure blog about it when I’m eligible to apply for a Car Insurance hahaha! I know how costly it is to maintain a car, so I’ll make sure I’d have an insurance for that when I get one. I just don’t know when will it happen. Let me learn first how to drive and we’ll proceed to the next steps haha!

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  1. I learned how to drive when I was in senior years in college lang Mitch. Super istrikto si Dad pero college pa nya ako na pa aral mag drive..hehehe Yup, it’s very important. 😀 Good Luck and sana enroll kana! Enjoy naman eh..kakapagod lang pag marunong kana..

    Btw, got something for you.


  2. wahhhhhhh i know how to drive but i am terrible at it when josh leaves,i have no choice but to learn to drive again its been 2 years since i last driven.

    goooodd luck to me i think i need the insurance!

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  3. Ako, nagpaturo lang mag-drive sa kakilala hehe. Nagasgas ko yung kotse namin one time pero at least sa gate lang namin, hindi sa ibang lugar. =p

    Kimmy’s last blog post..Where on Earth Is the Sun Hid Away?


  4. My officemate before offered na turuan ako kaso takot ako talaga. Kung sana pumayag ako eh di marunong na ako ngayon hehe! But then dati kasi isip ko, for what? Eh wala naman kaming kotse haha!


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