Our (New) Humble Abode

Friday was a different weekend for us. We have just moved to another place. Tiring but it’s all worth it. Seeing my daughter happy with the new place, it’s all worth it. She has a bigger place to play and kids to play with.
The best part? We are not paying at all, it’s provided by our employer hihi! Here’s a preview:

The Living Room

Dining / Hallway

Bedroom with Attached Bathroom

Oops! I missed the kitchen, magulo pa kasi hehehe! Can’t finish all in 2 days, sa damit lang na tiniklop ko, sobrang sakit na ng likod ko.

The floor is shining eh? Let’s give the credit to my husband! Gosh, he’s so in love with the floor, maya’t maya ang pagmo-mop hahaha! Joke! Sana wag nyang mabasa ito!

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