Chorizo Pulao (Pulav)


3 cups Basmati rice

1 big Tomato

1 big Onion

1 tsp. Ginger-Garlic paste

6 pcs Cloves

2 pcs Maggi cubes

15 pcs Chorizo (cut into halves)

1 cup Mixed frozen veggies

Salt to taste


1. This time, to make sure that the rice does not get over cooked, I half cooked it and set aside while I prepare the rest of the ingredients to make a pulao.

2. Sauteed onion and ginger-garlic paste.

3. Add the chorizo pieces till its own oil comes out.

4. Add the maggi cubes and cloves. Then add the tomatoes, wait till it becomes translucent.

5. Put the mixed veggies. Let it simmer for like 5 minutes.

6. Add the pre-cooked rice. If you think it still bland, add more salt.

7. Cover the pot and let it simmer till the rice gets cooked.

Note : This is my own method of cooking. Couldn’t think of something to cook last night. So, why not make a pulao with chorizo instead of shrimps.

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Raising Kids

I am a first time mom. I know it’s not an excuse. But where do I start? And how? My husband and I would always end up arguing for the same issue. How to raise a child? A 15 month old daughter. He is very lenient. I am not. He tolerates her. I do, but not every time.
Yesterday, we saw her eating the foam from our sofa. I punished her by letting her sit in one corner. She did. I didn’t have to say it twice, she understood, with her eyebrows wrinkled. I beat her palm (not so hard, after doing it, I always feel guilty but….), to let her know that what she has done is wrong. But when I do, my husband would always take her side, “she still doesn’t know what she’s doing”. And I would stick to my line “kids are smarter than us, they know exactly what they are doing”. And we’ll go on and on and on…. arguing….
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