6 Things To Think About When Buying A Second Home

The decision to buy a second home is always an exciting one because of the prospect of being able to temporarily live between two homes. There are however, a few things that you should be thinking about before jumping in and buying a home and in this article, is going to be some advice that you should take into consideration.

Location. It’s easy to fall in love with a country when you go on vacation and want to have the chance to be there as much as possible. Before going ahead and buying yourself a home in this new and exciting place, make sure you look at everything that it’s going to entail before doing so. These are things like:

  • The cost of living there, will it break the bank?
  • Some countries don’t have safe water in the taps to drink, are the amenities close by that you can get to?
  • Think about the home insurance there, and how much that’s going to cost you. Is the location prone to hurricanes or earthquakes? If so, your insurance is going to be higher.
  • If this is somewhere that you plan on permanently moving to when you retire, is the area somewhere that’s going to be suitable for you when you’re older?


Affordability. Look at the prices of mortgages in the area and decide whether that is an amount that you will be able to keep up, especially if you’re going for an executive condominium. These are usually owned by many different people and the upkeep of the ground surrounding it will cost you as well. Take a look at http://www.propertyguru.com.sg/singapore-property-resources/singapore-condo-guides/executive-condominiums-in-singapore for more information on executive condominiums, and the benefits of owning one.

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Are Old Parenting Filipino Practices and Beliefs Worth Reviving?

I became a mom for the first time 11 years ago, at the age of 30. At that time, I heard and actually followed (and still following) some of the old practices and beliefs that the older generation practiced for years. Here are some of the practices that I grew up with and am aware of:

Po and Opo. Children are taught to say “po” and “opo”  whether you are related or not. It is a must to insert these words in every sentence that you use when talking to elders. Unfortunately, my children hasn’t practiced this that much as their first language was English. However, I always remind them about it and they actually do when they remember. 

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Get Rid of Germs with BioCair Disinfectant Pocket Spray + a Giveaway

Did you know that pathogens grow on your favorite things and can cause disease? BioCair® BC-65 Disinfectant Pocket Spray rapidly kills germs by penetrating into their cell membranes without any harm to the body and environment.

With its alcohol-free formula, it can be safely used by children and adults, and is also suitable for sensitive skin, thus can be sprayed onto common touch point areas like: 

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Get That Junk Out of the Garage

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Is your garage overflowing with junk? Are you worried that one day you’ll end up trapped beneath cascades of old bills or enter the garage only to be lost in the stacks of old paint cans, boxes of unused clothes, and old furniture? Can’t see the garage flooring? It’s probably time to get that junk out of the garage! 

Here are some tips to transform your garage from a junkyard to open space:

Define Your Goal Before you do anything else, it will be useful for you to sit down and work out what your end goal for the garage might be. Do you want to,y’know be able to actually park the car in the garage? Do you want to create a playroom? A place to do DIY? Once you know what you plan to use the space for, it will be easier to declutter it.

One trick you can use to help you with this is using masking tape to define various ‘zones’ of the garage and how they will be used, so you can determine exactly how much decluttering you really need to do.

Sort It Out Next, pick an area and start going through the junk there. Try to organize your clutter into various piles or boxes, keeping like with like, This will make it easier to deal with when it comes time to purge or save your stuff. Once you’ve sorted out the clutter in one zone, move onto the next, until everything has been organized.

Time to Purge

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