Common Things You Don’t Actually Need In Your House

What is the exciting thing that comes after buying your own house? Yep, it’s shopping! It’s now time to fill in your house with items that will officially brand it as your home. But, don’t get too carried away with the shopping. You wouldn’t want your freshly bought townhouse filled with random items, right? If you’re confused as to what NOT to buy, worry no more! We present to you these items that you may want to ask yourself, “Do I really need these?”

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Special surface cleaning agent Is it necessary to use 5 different cleaning agents just to make the kitchen squeaky clean? Even just one should be enough. You can even be creative and use natural ingredients in your pantry like lemon and vinegar to clean and sanitize.

Special knife set Sure, it’s nice to pattern your kitchen from those cooking shows with a professional chef. But, do you need 20 knives in your kitchen? For items like these, quality should be considered over quantity. The idea is to only have several various pieces that will last for years. 

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Preparing Your Kids for Success

Life skills are undoubtedly important. The things we teach our children how to live life and how to react to things in life can completely change the way they’re brought up in the future. If you want to best prepare your children for success, then here are a couple of important things to keep in mind.

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  • Teach your kids social skills. Networking and social skills are important at all stages of life, so make sure you teach your children how to effectively communicate.
  • Show them how things in life are related. Have your kids ever wondered why they need to learn math or science? Teach your kids the link between these abstract concepts and subjects and the real world so they can take a more holistic approach to life.
  • Be a role model and practice what you preach. Want your kids to work hard? Then make sure you practice what you preach. Show them you’re worthy of being a role model by displaying to them your work ethic and achievements so they can follow in your footsteps.

It’s important to become a role model for your children, but it’s also important to inspire your kids with life quotes and advice from other successful people. Take a look at the infographic below to learn a few pieces of life advice from incredibly successful women.

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Bad Habits You’ll Want to Kick Before You Become a Parent

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Are you expecting a child or at least contemplating the idea of becoming a parent? Becoming a parent to a little boy or girl is truly a gift that not everyone gets to experience. If you’re going to give your child the best chance at life, it does mean making a few lifestyle changes of your own. Since you serve as your children’s first example of what an adult should live and behave like, it is imperative that you present yourself in a positive light. That may mean letting go of a few things, such as those listed below:

Mismanaging Funds When you’re young and don’t have many responsibilities, when, where, and how you spend your money may not be as important to you. However, when you have children, your money is essentially a large part of how you can take care of them. If you have poor financial habits like the inability to save, tons of debt, or worse, it is recommended that you work with a financial advisor to get back on track. Learning how to budget, spend, and invest your money now will ensure that you have enough funds to raise your children today and in the future.

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Miine Konjac Sponge for Age Defense

Just because I started feeling the changes on my skin as I age, I have also been religiously hunting for the right skincare for me. The latest I tried was the Konjac Sponge, Miine brand. Obviously, what I needed was the age defense type so I bought the Green Tea which is mainly for this purpose, also perfect for both dry and sensitive skin.

Sorry, I completely forgot to take a photo when the sponge was still packed and sealed inside the box but this is how it looks like when still sealed. 

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