Career Week

Meet my little Chef and beautiful Photographer  for yesterday’s Career Week at school.

So far, both have been consistent at what they want to become in the future. Each time I spend time in the kitchen preparing our meals, my youngest would always ask if she could help and do the rest of what I still have to do. 

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Jil Gyung Yi – A Total Vaginal Solution

Jil Gyung Yi enables comprehensive treatment and prevention of multiple symptoms, irritations, and inflammation of vagina such as vaginitis, vaginal looseness, dryness, etc. in a most natural and effective way.

I learned that they have recently introduced Jil Gyung Yi in the Philippines. I actually first heard about this from my cousin who resides in Korea, and says that it’s worth to give it a try.  Jil Gyung Yi also claims to be safe for children’s use age 4 y/o above, but being the paranoid mom myself, I wouldn’t let my girls try these. Mild soap and water will do just fine on them.

Here are the ways on how to use it: 

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The Home Safety Elements Parents Frequently Forget

As a parent, one of your main concerns is always going to be how you can ensure you keep your children as safe as possible. It is tough enough keeping them safe in the outside world, but you need to extend that same kind of care to your own home as well. It is advisable to ensure that your home is as safe as can be for your little ones, as this way you can be much more confident in your ability to look after them properly. As it happens, however, there are frequently many things around the home which a lot of parents fail to pick up on, and which you will want to try and deal with if you are to keep your children as safe as possible. Let’s look at a few of those now.

Image Source Doors & Windows

Clearly, it is always going to be important to ensure that your child cannot easily escape the home, at any young age. You will therefore need to make sure that you keep an eye on your windows and doors, as these can often pose real problems for the household that has children running around. For example, you should endeavor not to leave them open for any period of time, and it is also worth ensuring that you have good quality windows and doors which are not easily broken. Many parents can tell you a number of stories about their child gaining surprising strength and letting themselves out of the home, so be sure not to let that happen to you.

Roof It’s also important to make sure that you keep on top of those problems which can cause further issues for home safety. The roof is the ideal example, as it is so easy to forget about it, and yet leaving it alone can end up causing some serious damage to the home, and opening up your children to some real vulnerabilities. If you are ever in need of help with your roof, be sure to contact your local roof repair company at your earliest convenience. This is not the kind of problem that you want to leave alone for any amount of time, especially if the weather in your area is known to be unreliable or poor. Keep the roof fixed, and your children will be much safer.

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5 Must Visit Cycling Destinations In Tavistock

Everyone knows that cycling is among the best ways to explore a neighborhood. One can even boost the fun when they discover geographical features that people know very little about. In other words, it gives one the chance to experience the beauty of the scenery in full. This therefore brings us to the reality that cycling will be with us for the longest time.

Photo by Nick Karvounis

A number of towns have minimal cycling network. There has not been much attention to developing facilities that make the life of a cyclist an easy one. However when it comes to Tavistock, things are different. The town has a very well developed cycling network. This makes it a great cycling destination. The following is an outline of a number of awesome routes that one can take and have maximum fun while at the same time riding. This would also act as a guide to visitors who might want to take their cycling holidays to Tavistock. Read on to find out where to find what, and choose what sounds fun.

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How to Turn Your DIY Habit into a Marketable Enterprise

The Do-It-Yourself and Fix-It cultures have become entire industries on their own. People can not only find online fame from doing what they love, they can even turn it into an income. Turning your DIY habit into a marketable enterprise, however, requires a bit of foresight, and work, but it can be done.

Each DIY artist is unique, and you can either sell your creations, or you can make money from tutorials. There are so many ways for you to either make a second income, or to make it big by following this guide

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