Dress Up Your Dining Room To Wow Every Single Dinner Time


Everyone has their favorite room in the house. Some will always love the kitchen, or, as they see it the heart of the home. While others will always prefer the living space where they can kick back and relax after a busy day. But what about the dining room? For some reason, it’s the space that’s always overlooked. However, it can often be one of the best rooms in the house. If you let it, that is. When it comes to interiors, you can really go to town with the way you approach your eating space, so that every single meal feels special. And let’s look at how you’re going to do that.

Strip Everything Back To get yourself started, you’re going to want to begin with a blank canvas. This could be music to your ears if you’re not entirely happy with the dining space that you currently have. And if you like bits, too bad – you’re better off ripping it all out and than working with some of your favorite design ideas again. Just in a more inclusive manner. Rip off old wallpaper, strip up the carpets, and generally make sure that you’ve got an empty space to then paint it pretty. 

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5 Enjoyable Habits for a Happier Living

Do not look for a reason to be happy. Just be happy. If you are happy for a reason, it is not going to last forever”, this is one of the best quotes of all times and a perfect fit for a lifestyle that we have incorporated today.


In this day and age of stressful living, here are 5 enjoyable habits that will keep you happy and joyful all the time;

Read good books Book is a man’s best friend. Pick a book that is positively impacts your life, gives you a new perspective and boosts your confidence about being happy in this stressful world. 

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4 Common Hair Problems Solved

It isn’t nice when you look in the mirror and see damaged hair. However, none of us are impervious to hair problems. Whether it’s dry hair because of cold weather or damaged hair because of coloring, many of us deal with common hair problems on a day to day basis. That doesn’t mean you have to put up with them. There are many ways you can nurse your hair back to health, some of them home remedies that have been used for centuries. So, whatever your hair is suffering from, take a look at these quick and easy solutions.


Dry Hair is a nightmare to deal with, especially during the Autumn and Winter in some countries. It becomes unruly and styling is near to impossible. It’s obvious what dry hair is missing – moisture. But, it isn’t always easy to get the moisture back in quickly. Using bucket loads of conditioner just doesn’t hack sometimes. So, try this homemade remedy instead. Add a teaspoon of olive oil, two teaspoons of mayonnaise and one whole egg and mix together. The consistency makes it easy to apply to your hair. Brush through and cover for thirty minutes. Continue with the treatment for as long as you think you need it but no more than three times a week. 

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JAC Interiors: Desert Interior Design

There are plenty of different ways that you can decorate your home, but one of the more popular options is to utilize desert motifs and styles to create a unique personality for your living spaces. If you’re interested in creating a desert inside your own walls, then these are the different elements you should incorporate into it. JAC Interiors, specializes in desert design, to help you achieve the exact look you want.

Expansive Appearance When we think of the desert, we imagine sand and sky reaching as far as we can see. Although your home won’t have the same effect per se, you can recreate it by utilizing an open floor plan and large exterior windows.

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Why working from home is the best decision I made this year?

Do you believe that many of the best decisions in life are unplanned? I do. To name a few, here they are:

-3 years ago, I left the corporate job I loved and enjoyed for more than 4 years. It took me to different places and countries. Had the chance to meet highly respected people. Of course, I feared letting go of the job that gave me great opportunities over the years, but it somehow gave me the time to focus on one more important thing, and that was…

-Finding and buying a new home that we can call it our own. I had a heavy heart leaving my hometown of more than 3 decades but when my husband gave me the go signal, that was it! We became Subic residents in no time. 

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