Deye-ctionary Updates

She’s learning more new words day by day…

She would always say “mop” when we tickle her to the max with matching iling pa ng ulo nya. I don’t know how she came up to that word eh ang layo naman sa “enough”. Hehehe!

She doesn’t call her baby dolls “babay” anymore, it’s now “bibi”. And what shocked me this morning was……… when I was sitting on the sofa showing a little bulge, she touched it and said “Mama, bibi?” OMG! How did she know that? Ang mga bata nga naman ngayon! She must have seen it from my pregnancy book or maybe she remembers the pregnancy stage that we seen on NGC. Talas ng memory!

I have more of her recorded baby talks but didn’t have time to upload them yet.

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Big Things VS Little Things

Often times, we neglect the little things that we encounter everyday without knowing that they actually matter to us, as we are too focused on the big things that we have.

When I was in High School, I’d always felt that the students from the first section are the best in the eyes of all our teachers. They are everything to them! And the ones in the lower sections are nothing but brats! But what these “lower” students have become after high school graduation are far better than the ones from the first section. For me it didn’t matter at that time, I was in the 2nd section out of 12 sections anyway. So, I guess I was doing alright.

When wallets become empty, that’s the only time that most people consider the old/used things that they have. Otherwise, you won’t find them in the house. Either they are busy shopping for nothing or simply spending because they don’t know what to do with their money.

After each break-up, we find ourselves cursing our exes because we were hurt for some reasons. We just completely forget the good times that we’ve had when everything was still fine.

There are many little things that we don’t see because we are so blinded by the big things that we have. That even when we get recognized or given rewards i.e. salary raise, we don’t give Thanks to Him! We only see the consequence of the hard work that we’ve done but never the blessings that we received. Oooops! I’m guilty!

I admit. I’m one of those people who often times neglect the little things. I only realize in the end that they matter if I needed them and couldn’t seem to find a new one.

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Unfortunately, “honey” didn’t work for me. I got sick on Friday night and still am. My nose is leaking like a loose water tap waaaaaaah! My high pitch voice has toned down. I sound like a “ngongo” already. I have a terrible headache. I had to skip work for 2 days and I’m sure that didn’t make my boss happy. But yes, I’m back to work and blog. What can I do? This is life.

I can’t think of anything to write right now… Be back when I’m normal.

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7 Things About Me

Thanks for tagging me Daisy! So, you wanna know 7 things about me? Here they are…

1. I am an OFW.

2. I don’t hide my age. I am proud to be 31-teen. :p Bwehehehe!

3. I am the eldest in the family.

4. I love any shade of violet, may it be purple, lavender etc…

5. I don’t know how to drive and swim.

6. I wanted 4 kids, but after giving birth, it came down to 1 heehee!

7. My name was taken from the Beatle’s song Michelle.

Let’s get to know Kristine, Deedee, Feng, Jengkie, Kimmy, Sasha and Arlene.

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Therefore, I conclude… I Am Not Vain!

Thanks for tagging me Kristine! Here’s the result….

You Are 61% Vain

You’re a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.
Just remember, everyone knows you are a total hottie. You don’t have to remind them.

As far as I know, I am not vain, it’s just that every “girl” has her own rituals like I do:

1. As soon as I get up from bed, the first thing I check is the mirror. Baka may nabago sa itsura ko pagkagising hahaha!

2. I have a natural wavy hair, this is why I usually take time blowing it dry para ma-straight. If I decide to tie it up, I always make sure na madudulas ang langaw sa kinis ng pagkakatali ko hehe!

3. I am not so fond of branded stuff. But when I do like it, it doesn’t matter how much it would cost me. At kahit pa sa tabi-tabi or ukay-ukay, pinapatulan ko basta maganda pa, nasa nagdadala naman yan eh!

4. I only go for mild soaps like Johnson’s and Ivory. Otherwise I get pimples. But for shampoos, it doesn’t matter at all as long as it smells terrific hehehe!

Hmmm… see I told you, I am not vain. Wala na akong maisip eh!

Now let’s see if Gracita, Era and Greymom are vain!

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