Unexpected Call

The other midnight, I received a call and it was showing +212########….

Caller : Hello! Michelle… Michelle… Hello!

Me : *Medyo antok pa* Who’s this???

Caller : Hello! Hello! Michelle, si Kuya **** ito!

Me : O Kuya ****! Asan ka na?

Caller : Tawagan kita ulit….

After few minutes…. No number na ang lumalabas… But I knew he was calling from Morocco based sa first numbers…..

Kuya **** : O Michelle, si Kuya **** ito ulit.

Me : O napatawag ka?

Kuya **** : Nangangamusta lang….

Line was breaking up…. hanggang naputol. Kaya the next day (that was yesterday), I sent a text message to the first number he used.

And this was what I got….

Hi Michelle! This is Tito ****’s number. I’m ****, his GF. He’s at work. If you want you can reach him on his mobile ###########.

I replied:

Oh ok. I’m his cousin by the way. I just tried this number coz he called last night using this. Please tell him I said hi. Thanks anyway!

Huh? Eh Kuya **** is married. Gusto kong sabihin sa babae pero di ko nagawa hehehe! Naisip ko na lang ang lalaki nga naman!

Kanina, di ako mapakali. I sent him a message and I said, hoy magpaliwanag ka! Sino yung **** na yun! Eh may asawa ka kaya?

And he replied….

4 na taon na po akong hiwalay ate… GF ko yun si ****. Manang ka talaga hehehe!

Oh well, if that’s the case, he’s excused! Babanatan ko na sana ng sermon eh hehehe! Kasi naman 3 months pa lang sya dun no!

Mga lalaki nga naman!

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An Interview By Arlene

So what if I’m an interview addict hehehe! Here’s another interview done by my 4 year cyber friend, Arlene of Sunshine For Life, who is now also a blogger.

1. You’re a very passionate mom. Aside from being a passionate mom, what are things or aspects you are very passionate about?

According to my friends and cousins (especially), I have this “thing” when it comes to “advices”. Every word that I say hits them! May it be mild or with anger. You know that very well, di ba? Hehehe! I am a straightforward person and being such sometimes leads to people’s misconception about me.

2. Your cooking pictures looks yummy so i can imagine how you made them. Are you one of those types of cookers that likes to eat what they cook? And why? that “free” perosn?

It took me pots of courage to cook sis hahaha! No, I don’t even try it while cooking, I just get full and afraid that I won’t be able to have it if I do a taste test.

3. You have spent an ample time being young, single and free — the freedom that you can do whatever you want to do. What particular thing you missed about being

Just my income. Other than that no more. Even if I didn’t enjoy most of it, I had no regret coz I shared it wisely with my family. Somehow I got my reward already.

4. You have stayed for a long time in Bahrain, did the concept of building up your own business cross your mind? And if ever — what business would thrive well for a country like Bahrain?

It never crossed my mind. Not here. Coz I know I won’t be staying here all my life. But if ever, it would still reflect me being a Filipino. Promotion baga ng Filipino products hehe!

5. Would you entertain the idea of your hubby earning five times higher than what he is earning now but he is to work in another country and will be separated from you just like your dad being away from your mom and your kid/s growing up with dad so far away and just come home for a month vacation yearly?

As I have said in my previous entry, I am just a small dreamer. I love being simple. When things get big, that’s the time everything gets complicated. BUT… if he wishes to pursue, I’ll leave it up to him and Him. I don’t want to be a hindrance of his dreams. Especially when it is for the sake of his own family.Just like my dad, he had given his best and later got his reward by having me. Naks! He may not have succeeded financially, but his sacrifices were more than enough for us to recognize that what he had given to us is worth five times higher than the earnings he could have had (if he did not lose his job).

Again, here’s the drill:

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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Deye-ctionary Updates

I wonder how Dunstan would interpret my daughter’s baby talks. In the meantime, here are the “latest” words that we’ve been hearing for the past days…

Scene No. 1
I was teasing her when I sat on her toy car last Friday. She held my hand and said “up, up”. Aba! Bossy na mag-utos! At inulit pa!

Scene No. 2
So happy that she could say “nayshhh” now instead of “nay”, at least medyo may tunog “s” na hehe! Whenever she sees me wearing accessories in the morning, she would touch it and say “nayshhh”.

Scene No. 3
Last night, after feeding her a whole boiled egg, she asked for “didi”. She finished it fast. Sat down. And said “ishhhh”. At yun ay habang winawagayway ang feeding bottle nya! Hahaha!

I hope to upload more of her recorded “baby talks” tomorrow.

Previous posts on Deye’s Dictionary Updates here.

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First Fine Dining Experience

I had my first fine dining experience when I was already 21 years old heehee! It happened in my first job where I worked as a Purchasing Assistant. We just opened Subic Fisherman’s Wharf at that time. My former boss, Mr. Bradley Mitton who is now in Germany made my first fine dining experience possible in one of the restaurants in Subic Legenda Hotel.

It happened on my birthday, year 1996. It was supposed to be a food tasting purpose with the Executive Chef, but when he came to know that it was my birthday, he called and invited the Department Heads for lunch and they celebrated with me. Lucky me!

As I’ve said, I had no experience prior to that, so you can call me ignorant bwehehehe! Our Head Accountant was also a Filipina, that somehow made me comfortable with the group. On the way, I told her, whatever she orders, order for me too hahaha! OMG! She ordered Green Mango Juice, I didn’t realize it would be that sour hahaha! But I just nodded and told the waiter, I’ll have the same too! Bwahahaha! I’m sure they knew, I was tensed! And the numbers of cutleries, goodness! Which one first? Hahaha!

They’ve been good to me, everyone played “cowboys” including the top boss. And they even ordered chocolate cake from the hotel and distributed to the staff when we came back. Everyone said I was special. I thought so, too!

And I owe everything to my former boss. He taught me a lot! Yeah, that includes my first fine dining experience. *wink*

Being married to a Hotelier changed everything. Now I know the table etiquettes and other ek-eks hahaha!

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