Para Sa Iyo, Aking Ama

Tatlumpung-isang taon na ang nakakaraan…
Ng ika’y maging isang ganap na ama ng tahanan.
Tuwa at galak na naramdaman,
Sa unang pagkakataon, noon pa lamang.

Tatlong taon mula noon…
Iyong hinarap isang malaking hamon.
Paa’y napadpad sa dako paroon,
Upang iyong kabiyak at anak ay di magutom.

Sa kamay ng mga Arabo, ikaw ay nagsilbi.
Pawis at pangungulila, hindi atubili.
Labing-pitong taong nakalipas, ika’y nagbalik.
Sa piling ng iyong pamilyang, lubos ang pananabik.

Panahong sinubok, pagsasamang pinagtibay.
Sa mga pagsubok, di nagkawalay-walay.
Tatag at pagmamahal, sadyang malakas.
Kahit anong unos, siguradong makakatakas.

Sa aking alaala, pilit na nagbabalik.
Tulang iyong nilikha, di maalis sa aking isip.
Isang walang katumbas na “pabaon”,
Noong ako’y labing-walong taon.

Ngayon ay araw mo, aking mahal na ama,
Walang mahihiling pa, wala na, wala na…
Sa patuloy mong pagtaguyod, gabi ay ginagawang araw.
Kung muli akong mabubuhay, pipiliin pa rin ay ikaw.

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Happy Father’s Day, Dada!

So it’s Father’s Day once again… This year is my dear hubby’s 2nd Father’s Day. No celebration and special dinner to be served later in the evening (as usual) as we both have to be at work, just like an ordinary day for us. But I hope I made his day with this greeting….

Couldn’t think of anything to give him. It’s closed to payday. No greeting card bought from the bookshop. So, I just thought of writing something on the (bathroom) mirror. I woke him up (pretending to be in a bad mood), and not talking to him at all. Drama! *wink* Waited for him to go for a bath so that he’ll find the message hehehe! He closed the door. Waited for few seconds. And opened it again. He found it. And smiled at me… And then…..

Oh by the way, it was my lipstick bwehehehe!

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Miles Away

What could “miles away” do to us? A lot. It could even change us. As I was chatting with my best friend, we just realized how much we have missed each other including the important happenings or rather “moments” that we used to spend together back home.
Three months ago, I was home. Everything was the same. Slight changes were there including “moments with my best friend”. She wasn’t there. She left for US last year. I was happy when I heard the news, after a decade of waiting, she finally got her immigrant visa. At the back of my head, I will be missing “something” when I go home next. For people who don’t know my best friend, I’d say these things once again….

Chel does not forget. We’ve been apart, but not drifted. I had to work abroad for some reasons. But Chel is not for writing letters. She finds it boring. But little did I know… she tried her best. She wrote me a 3-pages letter back to back just to reach out and know how I was. I was so happy that until now I am keeping that letter. It is a treasure…a priceless treasure. After 2 years, I had the chance to go home. I was keen. Worried that maybe things had changed. After one letter, nothing followed. But I was wrong. We had a nice time chatting and reminiscing. We shared more secrets like we used to do. Patched up and consoled each other. Ah! It was fun! Real fun! I wish we could do that more often, but…….

Chel makes me laugh. She’s a jovial person. She laughts to the maximum nth power! She doesn’t care if the whole world could hear her laugh, as long as she’s happy, she would.

Chel understands. I am a moody person. Suplada and masungit for some people who do not know me well. But since we’ve known each other for long, she understands. She rides on my moods.

Chel fights. I’ve known her for years, but never seen her fight. Now that she’s a mother, she has changed a lot. She’d shoulder any loads, for her little one….

Chel cheers me up. She’s never dull. Never a moment like that!

Chel is special. I couldn’t utter more words for her. All I know is she’s special. And I’ll treasure that for the rest of my life.

I’d known her since grade school but never thought that we’d have this lasting friendship. I, therefore conclude, I am one of the few people who have been blessed with a true friend. I may have lost some in the past, but it doesn’t matter for I have gained and kept the real one.

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Until now, I still couldn’t make up my mind kung anong color scheme ang maganda for my blog and I keep playing around with the colors hehehe! Sana wag kayong malito at mag-akalang naligaw kung sakaling sa susunod niyong visit dito eh iba na naman hehehe!

Ganito yata talaga ako! Even sa arrangement sa bahay o kwarto, para kang maliligaw lagi dahil iba-iba ang ayos.

May ibig kayang sabihin yan?


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All About Friday

Friday is supposed to be our family day, our “only” family day. But it wasn’t. Hmp! Cancelled day off si hubby! Good thing Deye was around to make me laugh hehehehe!

She actually woke me up at around 8:30 a.m. by picking my nose. Kulit talaga! Hubby was already out to do some errands. Kasi naman si Mama tulog pa, ang anak gising na hahaha! San ka nakakita nun? :p Kaya ayun, I had no choice but to get up and start with my Friday routine. After my rituals, kay Deye naman…

I asked her “what do you want to eat?” Mama, nana! Huwaaaaaat? Anong Mama, nana? Eto na naman kami sa guessing game ng mga sinasabi nya hehehe! Then I followed her. She stopped by our dining table. Ayun naman pala! May “nana” pala sa table hahaha! Korek! Banana. She wanted to eat a banana. Ayun, nakipagbuno ako sa pag-mash ng banana, ang dulas kasi, tumatalon hehe!

Then gave her a bath. Eto na naman kami sa “at” na tubig hehehe! Si Mama kasi di chinecheck kung “at” ang water! Tuloy lagi akong napapagalitan ng boss Deye ko. Anyway, every Friday is special. I always dress her up. Literally, she wears cutie dresses. Put her in bed. Dressed her up kasama na dun ang rituals with Johnson’s baby cologne and powder, pati na ang lotion. Our bed is opposite our dresser. We positioned ’em that way kasi nga she loves to look at the mirror. She got up, faced the mirror and said “Nice”! Uy! Hindi na “nay”, she said it “nice” pero medyo sablay pa din yung “S” nya hehehe! Tapos I let her wandered around the house. While she was out the bedroom, I decided to take some photos as my mother has been chasing me for that, they wanted to see our new flat. As I was focusing this corner (TV and her toy basket), no one was there! Click!!! And you know how digicam works, delayed lagi! Ayan ang kinalabasan! Biglang may bubwit na sumingit hahaha! And look how she smiled, nakakaloko talaga!

Dada came home. I was folding the washed/dried up clothes and washing some more at the same time. And Deye was playing with the hangers all around the bedroom. Hay talaga naman! Here comes another Deye. Ay! Ang mag-ama talaga pasaway! They would drag my dressing table’s chair na parang bang nakasakay sila sa kabayo hehehe! I told my husband, siya ang cook. I still have to clean the bathroom. So he did.

Lunchtime came. I was able to put “makulit” to her afternoon nap. Then only we can have our lunch peacefully hehehe!

She woke up around 5pm. I made avocado shake. We had it together. While Dada was getting ready for work, I decided to take her out. Poor girl, she was home again the whole day! I told my hubby to bring the cam along with him when he comes out. And look what I was doing as he captured that moment bwehehehehe! It was me who was playing and not Deye hahaha! She actually told me “up”. This girl really surprises me with her new words. Okay, it’s hers, not mine. So I got up. Mang-agaw ba kasi ng laruan ng bata hahaha!

And she crossed over (safe naman kasi walang mga sasakyang nagdadaan) the lane, and seated by the main door of our building na akala mo eh nag-eemote.

After a while, I decided to finally get in the building, ang init kasi sa labas, humid na naman. During Friday evenings kasi, we usually go and dine out somewhere. Since Dada’s off was cancelled, we had to stay home. ‘Yoko namang umalis ng kami lang, hirap magbitbit ng makulit mag-isa. So, ayun, balik bahay. As usual, nood ng walang kamatayang kiddie songs nya. Pag may anak ka pala talaga, dun ka mamumulat sa mga iba-ibang kiddie songs. Honestly, I didn’t even know the full lyrics of Baba Black Sheep until I watched/heard it over and over again with Deye hahaha! ‘Kahiya ako no?

That’s how my Friday went. Somehow, advantage din yung di kami lumabas at naiwang dalawa sa bahay. At least may “bonding” moments na naman kami. After watching, I played “dressing up” with her, binihisan namin yung baby doll nya ng mga damit nyang nakaliitan na, and she enjoyed it! At nakatulugan na lang naming nagdadaldalan at naghaharutan sa kama. It was fun kahit na di ko siya naiintindihan.

That’s all about my Friday! *wink*

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