Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007

Been into blogging for years but never been addicted like this, until… I chanced upon C5 who actually mentioned about this Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007, just yesterday…. through YM.

I would be hypocrite if I say $100 doesn’t appeal to me. Of course yes! Hehehe! Aside from that… I think the author’s purpose is clear enough to explain why we should join.

I’ve decided to come up with this writing project of identifying new and emerging blogs that are making an impact to its readers in 2007. These are blogs that started anytime from August 1, 2006 to the present. They are gradually gaining a considerable amount of readership and influence.

Here’s my pick:

  1. The D Spot
  2. From Dawn Till Dusk
  3. Kimmy’s Crazy Concoctions
  4. Beyond Normal
  5. ~iMoM~
  6. Chismis Today
  7. Sassy Mom’s Corner
  8. Renewed Soul
  9. Home Worked
  10. All In My Head

Tadaaan! It took me a while to pick my list of 10 blogs. Kasi dapat from August 1, 2006 lang. 🙁

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To The Man Who Never Gives Up On Life

He left his family in 1979 to earn a living abroad. He never failed to send them letters and packages. But most of all, he never failed to be a father to his daughter and husband to his wife. When he comes home for a short break, he makes sure that everybody is happy. Some people tagged him as “Santa Claus”.
He wanted a son. He never gave up on this each time he comes home. He succeeded 10 years after his first child (daughter) was born.

He’s always been a good responsible head of the family. For 17 years of working abroad, he never failed to give the best that a father/husband could ever give his family. But life sometimes is unfair. After 17 years of service to a foreign land, he lost his job. He actually came on vacation and went back, but came home again just few weeks after when he left. Came home frustrated for he lost his job. He has a son on his 6th grade, a daughter who was on her 4th year in college, and a wife to support as what he had promised when they got married. But how when he is jobless. He had sold all his jewelries including his wife’s. Tried his level best to find another job but this time, he failed. On the other hand, he was lucky to have a daughter who had carried the load during those times. His daughter did all her best to support the needs of the whole family. She stopped from schooling and never gave up on them, for she knows that her father did all his best for them too and even sacrificed every single and important occasions in the family.

There was a time when he was ill. His daughter was earning 4K a month and had to pay all the expenses. No matter how the daughter encourages the father to see a doctor, the father would say no. He doesn’t want to be another burden financially speaking. But the daughter did not give up convincing him. She took her for a therapy. He got well, not so well but good enough to face the day again.

Until his daughter got the chance of putting up a small sari-sari store just for them to survive. She worked hard for them. For her father basically who she thinks was their “hero” for the past years. And for that, her father focused on the store. He would stay there 24/7 for he was afraid to miss a single Peso against a stick of cigarette or say a candy.

God is good. His daughter was blessed to work abroad. Life became a little lighter for them. But he never stopped working for them too. In spite of the monthly remittance that the daughter was sending, he wouldn’t depend on that.

His daughter finally had her first vacation. Spent her 30 days together with the family. A friend of hers was a Dakki (Cartoon Character Pillows) dealer. She visited home to sell at least a pillow or two. But the daughter refused, finding the prices too costly. That time her father was there watching them.

30 days got over. It’s time to go again. A day before the daughter left, she was packing her things in the living room when suddenly someone has thrown a pink Hello Kitty pillow to her suitcase. It was her father! He bought it, for her daughter! She was welled into tears. Speechless! Finally, her father said something “Nakita kita tinitingnan mo yung catalogue, sabi ng kaibigan mo, gusto mo daw yung Hello Kitty, kaya yan binili ko, yan man lang mapabaon ko sayo pagbalik mo dun”. Until now, recalling those moments makes my heart melts…. Yes, my heart melts….

For I am the daughter of the man who never gives up on life!

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(Attempted) Extortion At The NAIA Immigration – Part 2

7th March 2007. Finally, we (with my mother and daughter) landed home safely. Pero….

Immigration Officer : Passports?

Me : Eto ho…

Immigration Officer : Anak mo ba yan?

Me : Oho. Kung ichecheck niyo hong mabuti ang passport ng bata, nakalagay ho dyan ang pangalan ko “mother”.

Immigration Officer : Alam mo ba na 30 days lang siya pwede mag-stay dito? (Iba kasi citizenship ng anak ko.)

Me : Aware ho ako!

Immigration Officer : Pero pwede mo naman i-extend yan. (Gosh! I know!)

Me : Wala ho akong balak.

Immigration Officer : Pwede natin gawan ng paraan yan, dito pa lang. (Sus! Paraan na naman, alam ko na ang tinutumbok ng matandang yun!).

Me : Kung mag-eextend man ho kami, ako na ho mag-isa ang gagawa ng paraan dun sa Bureau of Immigration!

Immigration Officer : Tinutulungan ka lang naman, ang taray mo naman Miss!

Me : Misis na ho, anak ko nga ho yan di ba?

Immigration Officer : Di na sumagot pero galit na nagtatak na padabog sa passports namin!

Nyahahaha! Kapal di ba? Akala nya maiisahan nya ako, mamuti na ang mata ko sa Airport pero di ako maglalagay! Never!

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Extortion At The NAIA Immigration – Part 1

This may me boring (kasi ang haba ng kwento ko) but I would really appreciate if you take time to read the full story. Don’t be the next victim!

27 October 2004. My family were at the NAIA Airport leaving for Bahrain to witness my wedding. And this was what happened…

Note : There were 3 of them, my mother, brother and father. Luckily, the first two respectively went in without interrogation. Passports and original copy of visas were checked and that’s it! They let them in!

But not my father! Check this out…

Immigration Officer : Nasaan yung “Letter of Authorization to Travel” niyo?

My father : Wala naman akong ganyan pero may visa ho ako, eto yung original.

Immigration Officer : Kelangan yun. Magprovide kayo. (Duh! Magprovide daw eh ilang oras na lang kaya flight na nila!)

My father : Di pa ba enough itong visa? Eto na yun di ba? Saka bakit yung misis ko at anak ko nakapasok na eh visa lang naman dala nila?

Immigration Officer : Basta kelangan mong i-provide yun. O kaya pwede naman nating gawan ng paraan yan! (Yun na, kapal!)

My father : Ano hong paraan?

Immigration Officer : Bayad ka ng P5,000.00 para makapasok ka.

My father : Wala na ho bang ibang paraan kasi ho wala naman akong dalang pera. Makapagbigay man ho ako pwede P3,000.00 lang.

Immigration Officer : Eh madami kami dito. O sige gawin mo na lang P4,000.00. (Kapal talaga, nagpresyo pa!)

My father : O sige ho.

Just to finish the discussion, my father gave P4,000.00. And he got in! That easy!

After several months, I received a forwarded email about the same issue but for people who were leaving for Dubai. I simply clicked “reply all” and shared what happened to my family months ago. Luckily, one of the recipients was working for Balitang Middle East as a Correspondent and gave attention to my email. The email was sent to Danny Buenafe, ABS-CBN Middle East Bureau Chief and they had conducted investigations. It was featured on TFC, but unfortunately, I missed to watch it.

Anyway, I heard that the people from the Immigration denied from doing so, obviously they would. Case was closed! I don’t know what happened next. But I was hoping that they will refrain from doing that practice as it was already featured on TV – Global.

I was wrong…..

16th January 2006. A week before I gave birth, my mother was at the Airport leaving for Bahrain again.

And this was what happened…

Ms. Immigration Officer : Nasaan yung letter from your sponsor?

My mother : Wala naman ho akong hawak na ganyan, pero andito ho sa akin ang original visa ko.

Ms. Immigration Officer : Kelangan namin yung letter from your sponsor.

My mother : Eh yung employer ho kasi ng anak ko ang nag-sponsor pero wala naman pinadalang letter sa akin, basta eto lang visa.

Ms. Immigration Officer : O siya siya, pwede naman nating pag-usapan yan. (Wala kaya silang magawang matino kundi laging “mag-usap” at “gumawa ng paraan” kuno?)

Dinala daw sya sa isang office, di ko matandaan kung kaninong office yun pero malamang yung nasa left side kapag palabas ka ng NAIA Immigration counters.

Tapos may sumunod daw na porter sa kanya. Pinaghintay sya. Chineck ang visa. Madami din daw tao dun na naghihintay. Eto ang sumunod na nangyari…

Porter : Tara na ho, pwede na kayong pumasok. (Di daw alam ng mother ko kung ano ng nangyayari kasi chineck lang naman visa. Nung palabas na daw sya ng office sabay sabi..)

My mother : Salamat naman!

Porter : Ate, bahala na ho kayong “mag-ipit” sa passport niyo tutal ho tinulungan kayong makapasok”. (Amp!!! Ang kakapal talaga, di maghintay na abutan ng kusa!)

My mother : Pwede na kaya ang P1,000.00?

Porter : Gawin niyo naman hong P2,000.00, wala naman kayong kahirap-hirap eh!

My mother : O sige na!!!! (Asar na daw sya nun!)

At lalo syang naasar nung eto ang sinabi ni Ms. Immigration Officer:

Ms. Immigration Officer : Chocolates ho pagbalik niyo ha?

Ang kakapal nila di ba? Di man lang nagpasalamat sa nakurakot nya! I know it’s wrong to tolerate them and give what they ask for, pero syempre ayaw mo na lang maabala sa byahe. Lalo na tulad namin na bumabyahe pa ng ilang oras para makarating sa Manila.

Ang kakapal talaga! Tse!

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Six Websites

Suki na ako ng tag-tagan heehee! I got tagged by Princess of CJ once again. Thanks Princess! So, here it goes…

~ Start Copying Here ~

The rules are, list out 6 Web sites that you often surf upon opening your Web browser. Change the Web title and the purpose. Tag 4 people. Okay, let’s start:

This is in order (it’s not necessary, I just listed ’em out that way).

Company’s Email Server (I’m not giving the URL for privacy reason) – I have to, otherwise, our Admin will be calling and telling me “Mitch, you’re inbox is full!”.

Yahoo Mail – To check my personal mails.

Gmail – Again, to check my personal mails.

Friendster – To check whether I got new messages and photos from my Friendster network.

Kuro – The Filipino Community-Forum I am in.

When Silence Speaks – My blog. Excited sa comments hehehe!

~ End Copying Here ~
I’m passing the ball to C5, Kimmy, ~iMoM~ and Gracita!

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