Passport Renewed/Amended

That’s right! I’ve finally got my passport renewed and amended {to my married name}. Passport’s cover color is no longer green, it’s now:

{Green ones were my previous ones, yup, it’s my 3rd already heehee!}

And the photo and page where the details are shown are now computerized {or readable as how they call it now}:

Oooops! Please bear with my photo, I look ewww there haha! The photo which I really like was rejected so I had to have another one taken from the DFA’s studio. I had no lipstick, or even a blush to make my face {at least} glow coz I was hoping my photos with me were okay. *sigh* Anyway, what’s important is I got it fixed already. *** I tried looking for some unique baby gifts for my friend while I was at the MOA yesterday, but found none. Maybe I was just tired coz I had to catch the last trip going home to Olongapo.

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