PMN Fam Pics : Plated

PMN Fam Pics theme for this month is plated.

Couldn’t find anything plated except for these photos. Click on the images to get the recipes. Then let me know if I can be a good chef. 😉

Participants for this month:

  1. Pinayhekmi: Scrambled eggs
  2. Ruth: Filipino breakfast
  3. Lynn: Tukneneng
  4. Mommy Chi: Fried rice and beef stew
  5. Ajay: Because pancit is my favorite dish
  6. Julie: PinoyMomsNetwork Fam Pics 3: Plated (On a Plate)
  7. Connie: Chopsticks on a plate
  8. Mitch: PMN FamPics: Plated
  9. Cookie: New York on a Plate

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  1. Oh no, all the Fam Pics photos I have seen are making me hungry! Makapagluto na nga ng ulam, our red rice is already done.

    Mitch, the link on your name in the Fam Pics still points to your wordpress blog. Hope you can do something about it para mahanap ka dito.

    Have a great week! ((hugs)) to the little girl.

    Hahaha kakagutom ba?

    Ay talaga? Thanks for letting me know…


  2. ay grabe sis, nakakagutom naman yang mga plated food mo. hmm, let me guess. puro Indian dishes yan for Hubby ano?

    At sabay pa tayong nagcocomment sa blog ng isa’t isa, andun din ako sa blog mo when I received the email notification ng comment mo.

    Uu, puro yan Indian dishes, mga tinuro ni fafa. :p


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