Please Bear With Me

Some of you may be wondering and asking “where did the other posts go?“. There has been a problem with Host Monster and Amore has been receiving errors everytime I log on to my blog. So she decided to move to another host and migrated my posts to the new one.

The same goes to my other blogs. If you noticed, they’re all empty. But Amore is working hard on it.

To Amore, I really appreciate your time and effort on this. And if in case, you won’t be able to retrieve the recent ones, no worries. It’s not a big deal. But please try…. hehehe!

To all my readers, please bear with me….


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  1. so that’s why. kala ko pa nga may bug/virus pc namin coz totally different un site u since the last time i visited it. no worries, sis. we’re just here!

    Inaayos na ni Amore. 😉


  2. hey mitch,

    nagmove ka na pala… i’m now back to blog hopping/reading… i really enjoy your blog. keep it up! no worries about the changes… i can still read your entries.

    Yyup, 2 weeks pa lang. Thanks!


  3. i just wud like to commend ur site. love the theme, love ur header and especially love that navigational bar on top. easier and truly user friendly. i salute u! =)

    Nakatsamba ng theme hehehe!


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