Remembering Sugar Cane ;-)

Who among here love Cane Sugar errrr Sugar Cane? I do! I do! In fact, I was looking for it but it’s no longer found in the market these days, I wonder why. Not like the old days when sugar cane sticks were sold outside our school for like Php2 each. The vendor would peel it, and give it to us as it is. Then you do the juice extraction process in your mouth LOL! No blender needed.

That’s why when I saw how it’s sold and eaten in India, I was a little surprised. They cut it in small pieces, blend, extract, drain and that’s it – a glass of fresh sugar cane juice made right in front of you! It’s good huh but rough hehe! Just like here in the Philippines, you’d find a cart of those on the streets!

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  1. Great Blog!

    Ohh I love all the local produce in the Philippines. During my stay in Pangasinan I waited for the vendors everyday to arrive with boiled bananas and halo-halo. But I never got to try sugar cane. Although I did see it growing!

    Ashlin’s last blog post..Porn For New Moms


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