Securing your kids and lovedones even at home

One of the important things of running a family and a household is making sure that it is as safe as possible for the kids especially. CCTV is an option but I believe that orienting them how to handle the situation is the best tool among others.

I taught my kids, like any other parents would, not to talk to strangers. If ever, anyone knock the door or call from the gate, do not open the door. And always always make use of the chain that comes with the door locks. You’ll never know when that would come useful.

A month ago, my youngest was at my parents’ place while my eldest daughter, Deye, was happily enjoying her favorite cartoon channel. That was almost 12 noon when their nanny was changing upstairs after bath. I was on travel, in Myanmar, when this happened and they only told me few days after it happened.

Deye heard some noise from the front yard, which is like only few steps from our main door.The door was chained but not shut. Two steps from the main door, she looked out and saw a stranger already peeking by the screen door. According to my daughter’s description, he’s my height, average build, wearing a black shirt with his ballcap on. Immediately, Deye made noise, called for her nanny as she climbs up the stairs. The man hurriedly left the yard with our gate opened. When our nanny checked outside, he was already gone. I bet he was just hiding somewhere. 

This is one of the reasons why I am planning to buy self-defense weapons, perhaps like a lock pick set for myself, too. So when I get home late, I have something with me to defend myself in case I encounter muggers.

At the moment, what we do is we keep insect sprays and a baseball bat right next to our bed, in case something happens. I have also printed copies of emergency numbers to call on, and taught my eldest how to use the landline and mobile phone. I also told her that in any case of encounters at home, that the first thing she would do is hide and keep safe with her little sister.

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  1. I live in a fairly “scary” community where raids are constant and muggers are just around the corner that’s why I always have a small pocket knife with me as well as pepper spray (courtesy of my daddy!) since it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


  2. Oh my! That must have been really scary for a little girl. Good thing she had presence of mind and called the attention of an adult. I should start training my children as well. SO far, I’ve only just taught them what to do in case of natural calamities like earthquakes.


  3. Naku sinabi mo pa sis! I was so proud of her when I learned what happened! Knowing Deye napakatahimik. She did it so well.

    Yes, you really should. Buti ka nga kasama mo si hubby, kami puro babae sa bahay. Hayz!


  4. OMG! It’s really not safe nowadays. I remembered what happened to me last April 30 this year. I got robbed by men in motorcycle right in front of my house when I was opening the gate. I didn’t bring my car since it was coding day. *chills* I also have bat under my bed and my car keys are always beside me to turn on the alarm just in case.


  5. Very informative post. I will try to get myself insect sprays beside my bed and also, the emergency numbers thingy, I should print also copies for all the people here. Thanks!


  6. The world is a much scary place nowadays and it is our responsibility how to protect ourselves in the first line of bad people. Pepper spray is a definite must-have for me because its handy. Must buy one now. Thanks for sharing, sis!


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