She Copies Me A Lot!

She admires me a lot! She says she likes to be me when she grows up. She likes my hair (yung rebonded na huh!), she likes my shoes, she likes my dresses and everything else about me! Here’s a proof :  I caught her wearing my 3/4 PJ while asleep. LOL!

I was in the living room a while ago doing something and when I came back she was already asleep with my PJ on. LOL! I thought it was cute and took the chance to capture this moment – moment of copying mama haha!

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  1. awww girls girls. girls are girls talaga! hintayin mo lang..kunting laki pa then you will find her borrowing your shoes, step ins, or headband! basta that will come.


  2. She does those things na. Kaya nga I kept my liptsicks na in a safer place, yung di nya maabot kasi pinapakialaman. Haha! Ngayon cute pa, pero paglaki nakuuuuu!


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