Small Dreams

Bigla lang sumagi sa isip ko yung sinasabi lagi ng brother ko na “mag-aasawa daw sya ng Australian para makasakay si mommy sa eroplano”. He was only 7 at that time. He was aware kasi na wala sa bokabularyo ko ang mag-abroad. Di pa kasi nakasakay sa eroplano mother ko kung di pa ako ikinasal dito. That was her first time.

Anyway, just like my brother, I also had my small dreams. Para sa akin dream na yun at that time. I’ve always wanted a 2-door fridge, yung sa gitna ang bukas tapos sa kabilang door may sahuran ng tubig hahaha! Babaw ko no?

Oh well, di lang siguro ako big dreamer. Yung tama lang ay okay na sa akin although libre naman daw ang mangarap. I’m not so fond of the latest mobile phones. Having a luxurious car has never entered my mind. If I had a choice, I won’t leave home. Di naman sa wala akong pangarap, but… I don’t like getting disappointed.

If you expect little, walang sakit or panghihinayang if you don’t get it.

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  1. tama yan, dream something that is achievable para less disappointment.

    but sometimes it is also nice to dream big, para there’s always the reason to achieve more.


  2. Thanks for the visit, Mitch!

    Nung bata pa ako, sobra-sobra dreams ko. Some are achieved na man. But di pa yung mga out-of-this-world dreams ko.

    I’ll be back here for more reads! 🙂


  3. Or is it better that you expect nothing or do not dream at all. Just kidding.

    Nice blog you have here.

    Have a great weekend.


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