So That You Won’t Leave Me…

These were the words that my husband said 3 nights ago…

So that you won’t leave me….

Of course, it tickled my heart hihihihi!

How did that conversation go? Hmmmm, I told him what was playing on my mind… Just because some of my friends have come from a broken family, it gave me a thought that married life does not promise anything, that who knows one day, I might find myself in their shoes, or worst it could be me facing the struggles of a broken marriage.

Out of the blue I told him “if in case, the time will come that we don’t agree to anything anymore and decide that we should just part ways, please just give me Deye and I won’t ask anything from you“.

He looked at me, smiled and said “no way!”.

“You can remarry if you want, I promise I won’t object, and if you remarry then you can have another Deye, your carbon copy – just like her, if that’s what you want“, I added.

But he still said “no” and this time he was serious…

I asked him in an irritating voice “why?

So that you won’t leave me….

Hihihihi! O di ba kilig? 😉


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  1. Uuuy, ang haba ng hair..umaabot dito sa Pilipinas….hahaha 🙂

    Partida kulot pa yan ha? So imagine mo gaano kahaba ang hair ko? Nyahahaha!


  2. Kinilig din ako. hehehe

    Either he knows all the right things to say. Or he loves you very much, Mitch.

    I have a hunch it’s the latter

    Ayan, kilig ka lalo.

    Tingin ko din yung huli nyahahaha!


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