Tender Loving Amount? LOL! I made that up! I checked my TLA earnings and this was what I saw:

Thanks Cookie and Emmy (though I don’t know who you are, thanks a lot for signing up with TLA through me, I really appreciate it!).

So, my dear readers and fellow bloggers who have not signed up with TLA yet, why don’t you get started, click on my affiliate button and let’s earn and do this together…

How much can I make being a TLA affiliate?

Our top affiliates are making over $1,000.00 per month. The amount you can make depends upon the quality of the traffic you refer to TLA.

  • When are payments sent out?

    Payments are sent out on the 1st of every month. You can be paid by check or PayPal. In order to qualify for an affiliate payment, a referred publisher must install the advertising script on their site for seven days. At this time the referral will appear in the affiliate’s account. If an affiliate refers an advertiser who purchases an advertisement, the referral will appear in the affiliate account within 24 hours.

  • What is the minimum payment sent?

    The minimum payment to be sent out via check is $25. There is no minimum for PayPal payments.

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    1. Sis, ako yung Cookie 🙂

      Siempre mine won’t work..hahaha!! Did you have tla on blogger too? Kasi mine “sponsor” lang nakalagay. Engs talaga!!

      Ikaw nga hihihihi! Thanks ha?

      Nung sa Blogger pa ako, di pa ako aware sa mga ganyan, but I think you can do that do, kung paano mo ginawa yung PMN and other badges, tas use your link referral para pag click ng readers mo, under sayo.


    2. Hi Mitch,
      Wow, congrats. Pwede ko ba yan ilagay sa wordpress ko?


      Thanks Ami! WordPress.com (blogs that are not self-hosted) does not allow paid posts and ads. If you have a Blogger account you can or otherwise have your own domain.


    3. Mitch…

      Sabi ko na nga ba eh… kilala ko etong mitcheryosa eh…

      musta ka na dyan… andito ka rin pala sa WP…

      ok see yah….


      Wala ng iba ako nga hehehe! Eto pauwi na kaming mag-ina, kasi may work na sa ibang place si Derrick.


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