How You Can Afford To Buy Your Dream House

Let’s face it, these days the dream is just to own a house first and think about its looks second.  Buying your first home is such a monumental (and expensive) step, that it’s a good idea to slow down and think about what you’d like to have if money weren’t an issue. The more you focus on what you want, the easier it will be to get through the hassle of actually buying a property. The house you choose might not have everything you wanted, but with a little patience, you can still make it your dream house. Here is how you can go about buying the property of your dreams.

Determine your budget 
If you’re struggling to set aside some money while paying the bills and the rent, chances are you will have a difficult time keeping up with mortgage repayments. You also have to consider the property tax in the area, home insurance, and the fact that you will be responsible for home repairs. This is the step that traps most prospective home buyers, but you shouldn’t let it stop you. Use the time you have to get on top of your financial situation; pay off as much debt as you can and boost your credit wherever possible to increase your chances of getting a good mortgage.

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3 Key Items For Your Home To Invest Thought And Money In

Furnishing your home, and equipping it with the essential items can be expensive if you don’t invest wisely. Therefore, it’s important to make careful choices when it comes to buying the larger pieces of furniture that your house will need to feel complete and homely. The following are some items worth spending a little extra thought over, and shouldn’t be purchased on a whim.

Sofa The chances are you and your family spend a lot of time on the couch in your living room, so it needs to withstand some serious wear and tear. When it comes to buying your sofa, firstly think about the fabric options available to you, as this is a smart place to start. If you have a young family, and pets, a luxurious velvet material probably isn’t the best option for your home, as it will not cope well with spillages or a lot of friction.

Leather is a great option for a family sofa, as it can be wiped clean, and often, leather fabrics get better with age and use; so your sofa will last the years with your family. Densely woven, and hard wearing cotton sofas are another good option, and many are upholstered with stain resistant fabrics, with family usage in mind. When it comes to picking the color, a neutral tone will fit into your living area with ease, and won’t be affected by a change in wall color or accessories. Try to think carefully about the size too; ask yourself if your family will be growing in numbers, and consider how quickly kids grow in size when it comes to you all sat together, watching a movie.

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Bed People spend approximately a third of their lives in bed, so it’s worth investing wisely in one. When it comes to the bed frame and headboard, choose a classic style that can adapt to whatever interior design choices you make with your color schemes and wallpaper. Ensuring you have a bed that will slide in seamlessly to any color palette will mean you won’t have to make expensive purchases each time you feel like a change.

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LifeTimeShares: Was it really a scam or just upgrading?

Just last week, I joined LifeTimeShares and able to make a little profit share from it. Besides, few of the bloggers that I personally know had made money from it already. With that, I was also able to convince 3 more blogger friends to sign up under me.

Few days later, we experienced glitches like we couldn’t log in the site and the like. Two of my downlines didn’t get the chance to view the stats of their purchased shares. It was posted on their FB Page that they were doing updates. Yesterday, I tried logging in again and site was no longer available and getting redirected to

Was it really a scam or are they just upgrading? Either of the two, my best advise w0uld be “Invest only the amount that you are willing to lose“.

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Make Money Online

Those days, making money online is never easy. One has to go to the office to call it a job but not anymore. There are numbers of means wherein one can make money from the comfort of your home and in fact some just need investment and all you need to do is wait till it generates an income.

A couple of money makers I’ve engaged with just recently were:


Read more here about LifeTimeShares.


Read more here about The Next Millionaire Maker.

One need not to have professional

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These days having one job is not enough to sustain all the needs that your growing family requires. We are lucky that online money making is very much reliable and could somehow help us make the ends meet. Aside from blogging, I have recently engaged myself in putting an investment for as low as $1 like LifeTimeShares. Yes, because 1 share costs only a dollar and a little fee that doesn’t hurt for processing your registration, so it comes about $1.34.

What is a Share?

A share is simply a divided-up unit of the value of a company. Shares are the best investment available over a long period of time. The growth of share prices comfortably out-paces inflation most years because the best share prices represent the growth in earnings of the best companies.

What I like about LTS is that it takes the pressure of members to refer new members.

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