Go organic! Check out Nature’s Skin Botanicals!

Gifts received become more precious and special when you really like them, and actually use them. Just last week, the community Wonderful Moms, where I co-administer, celebrated our first ever Red Party. It was a blast with wonderful moms who traveled near and far, took time and effort to be there, great food, fun-filled hours of games and chit-chats, showered with gifts and prizes.

One of the many sponsored items we received was from Nature’s Skin Botanicals. In my red loot bag included these: Serenity Spray, Organic Soap and Baby Balm. Let’s get to it one by one.

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Clearascar, the scar solution in a tube

Clearascar is 100% silicone, clinically demonstrated to enhance the presence of scars is as meager as two months.

Advances in innovation have fortunately made it workable for scars to be evacuated with practically zero follow. Be that as it may, the best scar medications accessible could be restrictively costly and would require a visit to a surgical facility. 

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What Weapons Should You Take Into Battle Against Beauty Nightmares?

Let’s not kid ourselves; appearances count for everything in this world. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly centred around image, looking great still makes you feel great. Unfortunately, we all know the horror of waking up to a beauty nightmare. Worse still, they tend to arrive at the most inconvenient times possible. Therefore, being prepared to tackle those problems is essential. Prevention is always the best form of protection. Adopting smarter lifestyle choices will give you a far greater chance of keeping those beauty demons at bay. Whether it’s improving your sleep patterns or drinking more water, key features like skin and hair will see huge rewards. Moreover, you should find that your natural energy levels shoot through the roof.

Our bodies will still face a host of different issues, though, even if we do lead a healthy lifestyle. Continued daily maintenance should reduce the threats significantly. Simply choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste for a glowing smile can influence your look greatly. Many people also find that nail strengthening products and skin moisturisers can be beneficial. 

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Celeteque facial skin care of an almost 40 y/o mom

I never bothered myself with proper skin care nor beauty regimen during my early years. But when I reached my mid-30s, that’s when I began checking appropriate products that could match my skin requirements. Not because the product was widely advertised on TV and print ads, but because, that’s what my skin needs.

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the ageing process I am in right now, or the unpredictable weather that sometimes makes one stressed causing skin problems and breakouts but I really get worried and uncomfortable seeing my face dry, flaking and scaling especially around my nose.


I can’t stand the day without applying a facial moisturizer. But that’s just not enough.

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