Tsk Tsk! Almost Forgot…

Goodness! I almost forget that I am attending a baptismal this month. I haven’t bought anything yet for the little one. Haaaay! I might just order something online coz the weather won’t allow me to go and spend some time alone outside…

I am thinking of giving one of the baby pushchairs that I saw last month online (push chair is the same as stroller/pram), it could be some languange barrier why the terms are said differently, just my guess, I am not so sure hahaha!

I called my friend today (she was my college friend by the way) and told her if they already bought a stroller for her baby yet. Great! They haven’t got any for her, as yet. I didn’t want to tell them my supposed-to-be-baptismal-gift but at least if somebody else wishes to buy the same thing for the baby, they could tellĀ  the person right away. During my daughter’s baptismal, a lot of my friends did the same thing to us. Almost everyone asked what we prefer to receive. I think that way is much more practical that having 2 or 3 same items at once. Even during our wedding, we requested our close friends not to give us bulky items as we won’t be able to take them with us when we leave the country. They gave cash instead, which was far better than accummulating gift items which are not useful.

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