Two Surprises In One Day

I just got two surprises for the day…

  1. A package full of Deye’s clothes from my sis-in-law who is based in Dubai.
  2. A cheque from TLA.

I was not so surprised about the package coz my sis-in-law hinted me already when she asked for my office address but the second one? I really was and I’m still smiling hahaha! Oooops laughing!

Now I know it’s for real and referral ad really does work.

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  1. ay…nakuha ko na! text link ads pala. yan una kung ma imagine makuha sa problogging…25 dollars. 😀 bt it’s already money, sis! diba? congtats again!

    at maagang pamasko kay deye ha!

    Nagulat nga din ako eh. Hehehe!

    Galing yun sa sis-in-law ko sa Dubai, meron din pala para sa akin hihihi!


  2. wow! more moolah. i haven’t tried tla.. hummm, something to think about. 🙂

    At first, I thought di sya tunay, but yesterday convinced na akko kaya I submitted my other blog also, sayang din ang referral earnings hahaha!


  3. yehey!! may pang-libre ka na sa akin pag nagkita tayo…mwahaha 🙂

    seriously, galing mo ah. ako nga $2 pa lang ang earnings ko sa adsense..hahaha 🙂

    Hahaha! Ssshhh wag kang maingay kay Feng baka kasi sumama yun hahaha!


  4. Congrats on your first check from TLA. Sana makatanggap din ako soon. 🙂

    I discovered a new referrel site that sounds promising. I’ll post it soon. But you may already sign up using this link if you want. It’s worth a try. Just click skip to some ads to get to the sign up page faster.

    Wala pa ako nyan. Thanks for sharing sis…


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