Txt (SMS) Fx??? Grrrrr!

1. You can save space, instead of 6 liners, magiging 4 liners dahil sa short cuts.
2. Means, you can construct more words.

1. Nagiging poor na ang “spelling” ng mga texters.
2. And this could affect grade schoolers’/beginners’ spellings.
3. At higit sa lahat, nawiwindang akong magbasa huh! Some do it to save space pero yung iba naman they do cut the words short pero nilalagyan naman ng “h”. Ay naku! I don’t get the point! Nahihilo akong magbasa lalo na yung may number 2 pag dinodoble ang syllable.

O di kaya dahil di lang ako makarelate? Dahil di ako sanay at marunong? :p Bwehehehe!

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  1. I am a predictive text user so my text message is more often than not in English with proper spelling. Tamad kasi ako magpipipindot ng ilang beses para mapuna lang sa third letter ng isang key. 🙂


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