Who Was Telling The Truth?

On Tuesday, 12th of August, I was in Manila Makati to apply for my visa for India. I was there half past eight in the morning at Palm Ave Gate in Dasma Village where Indian Embassy is located. There were two Security Guards at that time. So, I asked them my purpose. But they told me that I should inform the Embassy first, give them my name so they would call the Village’s Admin Office that this so and so person is expected, and at the gate for so and so purposes.

First attempt > I called the Indian Embassy, but to no avail.

Second attempt > I was able to speak with the Operator and transferred to Visa Section, then they just put me on hold…

Third attempt > Since I was put on hold, I had to call again. Disappointing but there was no answer for the 2nd time.

Fourth attempt > I was able to speak with a Filipina and she clearly told me that “they don’t require such arrangement if it’s for visa purposes only.” I explained her that the Security Guard asked me to do that, or otherwise they won’t let me in.

So I went back to the Security Gate and informed the Security Guard on duty. My mistake was I didn’t get all their names coz I was already pissed off. Imagine coming from Olongapo and then I will only encounter such inefficient process?

The Guard insisted that even if I asked or begged, they won’t let me in coz we all need to follow the Village’s rules and regulations strictly.

Fifth attempt > I didn’t give up, called the Indian Embassy again. I don’t know how much fone credits I used by calling different people again and again! I was finally able to speak to one reliable¬† Indian guy (I hope), he took my name and asked some related questions. Went to the Security Gate after that and informed them that my name has already been taken and that they will call the Security Office.

I waited for half an hour, but still there was no call. No sign that I can now enter the Village. So, I once again approached the Security Guard. But this time he said that most of the people from the Indian Embassy do this, they will tell the people that they’ve already called the Security Office, when in fact they never did.

I requested the Security Guard if he could at least check the Security Office if they received a call, and check if my name was already listed. But he refused. He said that they don’t do that. If he does, their Supervisor would screw them. I even asked him if he wants I can leave all my identification cards just please let me in.

Sixth attempt > I had no choice but to call the Indian Embassy again and checked if he really called the Security Office already. It was Mr. Dave who had taken my name and he said that he had already called the Security Office. But the Security Guard still refused to check their Office, if my name was already there on the list of expected visitors.

But this time the Security Guard said, the only thing I could suggest is take a car from Rustan’s side. Many people are doing that. They will charge you P300 each. These cars have already stickers and they can take you inside. But the only consequence is if you are caught inside, they might interrogate you etc etc etc…

I gave up! When the Security Guard suggested that, I knew it! Could it be a connivance with these illegal drivers or are these people from the Indian Embassy really not complying with the rules that the Village has set for them?

Now tell me, who is telling the truth? *sigh*

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  1. @Lazarus, I felt the same way while I was there. Kakagigil! My friend who was with me at that time was telling me to keep it cool. Kasi ako daw may kelangan so I need to be more patient. Kaso kako kung ganyan nasasayang ang load ko sa kakatawag pati oras sayang….


  2. @Janet, that’s what I also thought. May commission sila sa drivers kaya ganyan. Hmp! I’ve already emailed Dasma Village office and the Embassy and let’s see what happens!


  3. What the hell? Nakakahiya. Hindi consistent yung security guard. I think the Indian Embassy should be professional enough to inform the security office. Stinks of kurakot. Those guards should be fired!

    Uminit din ulo ko a. Hehe

    bam!’s last blog post..Short stabs


  4. Hi Bam! I was thinking na maybe itinawag naman ng Indian Emb yung info about me, but since these Guards were after something nga, kaya they won’t tell me para nga we’d take those illegal cars.


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