Winter Solstice

At almost 6pm, I exclaimed “Wow! Ang dilim na sa labas!” (Wow! It’s already dark outside!). Then, Gaylee said “Rex, our male colleague, has a term for that”. So I asked him and he said “Winter Solstice”. We couldn’t  make out what he was saying so I told him to write it on a paper, and stick it onto our glass division so I’ll remember each time. And he did. Hahaha! Of course, I made sure that I check on those words and here’s what it says:

The winter solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet is farthest away from the Sun, depending on the polar hemisphere of reference. Earth’s maximum axial tilt to our Sun during a solstice is 23° 26′.

To cut the explanation short, it lengthens the nights and shortens the days. Forget about the details, all I know is this happens when December is nearing, meaning it’s almost Christmas time hahaha! Period!

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