Wish Me Luck!

The thought that I’d be selected for a job interview already thrills me, what more if it’s going to happen tomorrow? Heehee! Call it over acting but that’s what I feel. It’s been a while so that excites me more. Working from home is completely different than working in a real world where you see different faces and paper works piled up on your desk. It’s convenient working from home, I know but….. if I were to choose – again, I’d still prefer going to the office everyday, fully made up, interacting with people in person and most of the time rushing just to get to the workplace on time. Some would think I’m crazy, but that’s my opinion, walang pakialaman haha!

So there…. just wish me luck for tomorrow’s interview. I really wanted this. And I hope I’d get it! Sana lang maganda ang bigayan.

*Fingers crossed*

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  1. Hi Jona! I tried working from home na, convenient talaga sya pero mas gusto ko pa din ang feel ng nakikita ko mga katrabaho ako at nasa office talaga ako hehe! Saka yung nagmamadali sa umaga hahaha!


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