We were out almost the whole day yesterday. Left the house around 9:30am to visit Deye’s Pediatrician. She’s been complaining that her “pipi” is “ouch” whenever she passes urine. It started the other day, but didn’t pay too much attention coz she’s got very little rashes on it, so I applied her diaper rash cream instead. But then yesterday, I had to take her to the doctor thinking what if there’s an infection, coz she cries when making wee wee, and she was never like that? Anyway, Dra. C had her checked and we were advised to have urinalysis. And that was the worst part. We needed her urine. From 10:30am to 2:30pm, we were waiting but she won’t. With the wee wee bag attached to it, she feels conscious.

After an hour, I decided to get a urine container instead and took her to the toilet. Again, failed. I felt there’s no chance so I decided to take her home, as soon as we got home I removed her diaper and the wee wee bag, and that’s it she finally passed urine. So I had to go back to the lab quickly for the urinalysis. Guess what? It’ll take one hour for the result to come. Haaaaaaaay! So what do I do with another hour? Our house is far from the hospital, so I went out and walked in to…

At exactly after an hour, I went back to the hospital and got the result….

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