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    5 Ways to Make Your Beach Vacation More Eco-friendly

    In an archipelago made up of more than 7,000 islands, it’s not too difficult to find a resort or beach where you can recharge, relax, and forget your worries for a short while. As evidenced by our social media posts, many of us Filipinos profess an affinity for water and require our dose of #vitaminsea every summer. Despite this, many avid beach-lovers can attest that we need to show our beaches and bodies of water a bit more TLC. The years and the influx of tourists haven’t been kind to some of our favorite summer destinations, and many of them have been degraded by pollution and lack of proper management.

    As tourists and travelers, how can we contribute to keeping our beaches and bodies of water clean? How can we help ensure that our lovely beaches in Batangas, Boracay, or anywhere in the country can still be enjoyed by the next generation? Here are 5 things that we can do to make our beach holidays more sustainable and eco-friendly.

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    Goodwork.ph – Marketplace for Skilled Local Services + Giveaway

    I feel you. It could get exhausting at any time of the day that you have no more energy left to do the rest of the things listed on your planners like house cleaning and laundry. Or too tired to go out for massage service and mani-pedi perhaps? Good thing there is now a marketplace called GoodWork.ph readily available for you my friends and readers residing in Metro Manila.

    GoodWork.ph helps customers hire the best local skilled service professionals, and helps entrepreneurs to find new customers to grow their businesses in 4 simple steps:

    Service categories are:

    Home Services – Keeping a house clean when you have other things to do on the side could be the most exhausting task of the day, especially when you have children around. Cry no more! They have cleaners, plumbers, technicians, carpentry repair, and much more.

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    Things to Do In El Nido This Summer

    Are you planning to visit El Nido this summer? Well, if yes, then you are in for a great holiday and an awesome experience. After all, El Nido leaves everyone in awe because of its natural beauty and gorgeous beaches. Browse cheap flights online booking platform and confirm your booking before it is too late. Hundreds and thousands of tourists are already busy making plans and booking their holiday for El Nido this summer.

    Located in the province of Palawan, El Nido ranks fourth in the world when it comes to best beach destinations across the world. It is indeed one of the best spots in the Philippines, and there are so many things to do here. Take advantage of El Nido flights booking and plans a great holiday.

    Here is a short list of the most fun and exciting things to do and enjoy in El Nido.

    Image Source : Pexels

    Scuba diving to explore the rich marine life– You will find several companies offering Scuba diving packages both for novices and the experts. The non-divers can enjoy discovery dives to get a feel of the diving and try it out first.    

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    My Online Journey on Personal Branding

    It all started as an online pregnancy journal back in 2005, that later on converted to a working blog www.mitchteryosa.com. It wasn’t an easy online journey though. All I knew was how to publish a post. I didn’t even know how to tweak a site that made me switch to different free themes available on WordPress every once in a while. I really didn’t mind. I was hungry for the earnings that this blog has been bringing in to my PayPal account