Cosmetics Dentistry Procedure on Chipped Teeth

It was around July last year when my daughter, Ishi, met with an accident at school and chipped her two front permanent teeth, which at that time had just grown. See image here of last year, while the below image was taken just before the procedure.

A year later, when she’s already ready for the procedure, we once again contacted and visited Dra. Maggie Santos of Oradent Oral Care Dental Clinic, located at Baraca, Subic, Zambales

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Thinking About A Career In Counseling?

Do you have a want to help other people? Are you a good listener? Do you have an interest in psychology? If so, a career as a counselor could be the perfect thing for you. Counselors help people to explore their emotions and feelings. They enable clients to reflect on their life and what is happening to them. They teach them to make better choices and to help them live a more fulfilling life. If this sounds like the sort of career you are interested in, read on to discover everything you need to know about it.

What skills do you need to be a counselor?

Let’s begin by taking a look at the skills you are going to need to become a counselor. The most important attributes to have are as follows:

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Uni-Pak Sardines Pasta + Giveaway

My girls love pasta to bits! That is why I do not just settle for one recipe and continue to explore whenever there’s a chance. Fortunately, I got to try the first dibs of Uni-Pak’s new variants just in time when we were so hungry and tired from a long travel.

Here’s what I cooked earlier and named it, UNI-PAK SARDINES PASTA.


3-4 cloves of garlic
1 whole small red onion
400g Spaghetti Noodles
2 tins of Mackerel in Natural Oil
1 club can of Sardines in Soya Oil
1 club can of Sardines in Spanish Style for toppings
Dried basil leaves
Dried rosemary leaves
Salt & Pepper to taste

Serves 6-8

Of course, I am very much willing to share with you my recipe. Please watch the video below:

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“Beautiful Smile, Here I Come!” – says Ishi

It was in the same month of last year when my youngest, Ishi, met with an accident at school and broke her two front permanent teeth. See image here.

I’m just so glad that Dra. Maggie Santos of Oradent Oral Care Dental Clinichas been very accommodating and hands-on to my daughter’s dental requirements (she’s been taking care of my family’s teeth ever since we moved to Subic), and able to monitor if she would need to do a root canal, as her gums were too swollen and bleeding, and had pockets which would put her in pain at that time.

I guess my daughter was lucky that she would only undergo Cosmetics Dentistry, and that’s going to happen very #soon!

Watch out for updates on YouTube | “Beautiful smile, here I come!”

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Enjoy A Hassle-free Online Shopping Experience with BeautyMNL

I just had another encounter with the go-to beauty online destination, BeautyMNL, and picked two of the mostly raved beauty products (with 4 other more) these days, Kris Aquino’s MatteMatic Lipstick and Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip & Cheek Tint. Too bad, the majority of the Vice Cosmetics shades that I prefer were sold out during the day of purchase and was only able to add one (1)  to my cart but still fortunate to grab Kris Aquino’s MatteMatic Lipstick in the shade of Life. I had been checking Watson’s in SM Olongapo City back and forth but to no avail. Here’s my honest to goodness reviews:

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Choosing the Best Kid Safe Non-Toxic Nail Polish

It is quite obvious that most women get tempted for applying the nail paint as there are numerous colors available. Cosmetics are quite an attractive commodity for a girl to improve the look to the maximum.

However, the presence of biphenyl, Acetone, formaldehyde, toluene and many other chemicals in the nail polish makes it more dangerous to use. Of course, choosing the kid safe nail polish non-toxic would be a safer option to get a healthy look. Finding the right safer nail polish would be a great option to easily enable the intelligent and quite easier way of solving the problem to the excellence.

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