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(10) Reasons Why I’m Not In The Mood To Blog

Got this idea from Toni, my fellow Plurker teehee! I plurked about wanting to blog but not in the mood yet for even one entry. So she came up to this title and here I am blogging about it hahaha! Thanks Toni!

  1. I’m hooked to plurking! Get yourself signed up and you’d know what I’m talking about. Right plurkers???
  2. My daughter is bugging me if she can go out. Told her no coz it’s raining! Guess she’s in the mood to reason out when she told me “I using umbrella!” LOL!
  3. My mind is occupied of something else. Oooops! Nothing serious I promise!
  4. My WSP dashboard is acting weird. Everytime I click on the Write a new post, it gives me a “show script” sort of thing, when I click on that “show script” then it’s okay. But it’s still weird coz I don’t encounter that in my other blogs!
  5. It’s raining… and when it rains I don’t feel like doing anything but eat and sleep, sleep and eat! Hehe!

Sorry Toni, I could only come up to 5 reasons. Told yah! Not in the mood to blog! *sigh*

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