So your offer has been accepted for your new home and you’re moving in soon! This is an exciting time for you and your family. Sometimes the focus on relocating your career, making sure your children are set up in good schools and generally moving all of your belongings can take up all of your mental space with little time to spare.

In order to keep the perfect home, you need to fill it with the perfect appliances. If you’re stuck for inspiration or are missing something you know you need but can’t quite put your finger on, this guide will go into detail about what are the must-have appliances you might not think you need, but absolutely do. 

This guide will belong to those who are looking to host parties, other families or just designing a pleasant interior for your home space.

Water Purifier A water purifier is a must-have in today’s age. Not only does it provide you with clean, healthier drinking water but that water you’re drinking tastes better too. Tap water has undergone a stringent set of health and safety criteria before it comes out of your tap, but it’s not wrong to worry about the age of your piping system the water is passing through on its way to you. Purchasing a water filter could be the next step in addressing your health in a positive way. If you’re looking to remove the chlorine fluoride from your drinking water, consider purchasing a carbonated filter purifier.

Toaster The staple of any good kitchen. No matter where on the financial or cultural scale you fit in, at some point or another, you’re going to need some good old fashioned toasted bread. If not, consider purchasing a panini or toastie maker. If you have an Aga oven, you might not need one of these, as you can directly toast off the hot plates with a toasting mesh tool.

An Aga Or Digital Oven Aga’s bring about a retro feel to the kitchen experience, and the fact it’s always on means it’s a fantastic way to heat your home. It also neutralizes the cost of your heating energy bills so it’s not going to add much more of a monthly fee to your bills.

However, Agas can be expensive. If they’re out of your price range, consider purchasing a digital oven that can smartly assess how done your food is, and can be set to operate at certain times. The focus on electricity over gas cooking is also more reliable, cheaper and safer to operate.

Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t love a good coffee? Coffee is a staple of our society, and dependent on how caffeine-dependent you are, a good coffee maker can really make a kitchen complete while providing lovely treats to give a guest. Sure, instant coffee does the job and is cheap, but making an investment in your coffee drinking career with a quality coffee maker can make you feel wonderful and like a domestic goddess. Coffee making is an art, and familiarizing yourself with it can help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again.


Getting on a juice smoothie trend is a brilliant way to upgrade your health, provide your body with all the vitamins it needs and enjoy an amazing tasting snack you won’t have to feel guilty about! There are a range of juicers out there, so be sure to buy one that can juice bigger and more difficult fruits such as pineapple or kiwi.

This can sometimes serve a double purpose such as making vegetable stock or simply adding something extra to your desserts!

This should serve as a brilliant way to alternate your children’s sugar consumption in a healthier way. Instead of begging you for chocolate bars, they’ll beg you for fruit smoothies! You can find cheap appliances like juicers using Kohl’s coupons from Coupon Sherpa.

Smart Dishwashers Who likes washing up? You’ve moved into your new place, you’ve started a new life and now you have different priorities. Loading a dishwasher can give you more valuable free time. A smart dishwasher will take this to the next level, as they feature smartphone control when you’re not at home, a statistics monitor to see how much energy you’re using and also auto-detect how much detergent, salt and water to use in order to yield the best results. No more putting lasagne baking trays in more than once to get the crust off!

Floor Cleaners Floor cleaners are getting more popular by the day and with good reason. Sweeping, mopping and picking up debris can be time-consuming and boring. Floor cleaners can help you get to hard to reach areas as well as being on an activating cycle that allows you to forget your weekly floor clean! Of course, bigger stains will need to be taking care of yourself, but right now there’s no bigger ally in cleaning than the correct use of a smart floor cleaner.

Smart Fridges (And Freezers!) It’s truly amazing what smart fridges and freezers can do these days. As well as cooling your food they can also notify you of dirty build up, letting you know when is the most hygienic to clean your fridge out. They also have grocery shopping lists you can save, add to and order directly from your fridge. Also, some fridges will suggest recipes based on the ingredients you’ve stored in your fridge. It doesn’t autodetect this however, you’ll have to put this in yourself. In any case, figuring out what to do with that last sprig of garlic and canned tomatoes can be very useful indeed!

In order to make our kitchen pop, we need to stock it with the best appliances that can take on any situation! Keep the items listed here as part of your design and you can be sure to enjoy your cooking pursuits in a new light! All we need is a little upgrade from time to time to revolutionize the way we approach our home responsibilities!

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