Do you read that?

What I don’t understand is the new rule they have implemented recently. The first time I went there, the validity started the day I entered their port. Now, it starts the day your passport was stamped. Since I applied for a visa a month before my departure, I’m losing one month. Hmp! Oh well! It doesn’t matter, it’s valid until Feb 2008 anyway.

D and Deye are supposed to be traveling a week before me. But D changed his mind. He decided that we all leave together on the 20th. At least If I face any problem in the immigration, he’ll be there to take care of it. That means I’ll be going home alone huhuhu! They’re staying for 2 weeks. But I feel that my stay would be extended, boss has asked me to check some stuff that we needed for one of our ongoing projects. *Crossing my fingers*

I told my husband not to tell his parents that we are coming next month, but he broke the news yesterday. Grrrrrr! Di siya masyadong excited!!!!

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