2Y And 4M

Deye has just completed her two years and four months today…

How fast time flies! Seems like yesterday when I found out I was pregnant. It was exactly the same date in year 2005. I was 10 days delayed but didn’t have a clue that I was already expecting. Since the day we got married, my period was irregular always giving me a thump in my heart that I am. Thump of excitement that turns to a disappointment later on – a false alarm I would say.

We waited for almost 8 months before I could conceived. It was planned. Actively planned. LOL! May pahinga naman nyahaha! Went to work in the morning and my colleague/friend passed by the office. I guess she noticed a swell on my face, not sure but she suddenly asked me “did you get your period already?” Then only I remembered and counted, it was my 10th day – supposedly. She insisted that I should grab a PT and have it checked at home. But I was hesitant coz I might get a single strip again for the 8th time.

That same day was my husband’s day off. I met him in town to do some groceries. Along the way I spotted a pharmacy. I asked him to get one for me hahaha! According to the directions written on the box, the best time to get it is at mornings, your morning urine. Okay fine. But… Continue reading 2Y And 4M

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