Sometimes you need a little direction in the modern dating world.  It can seem like the way things are and the way that you want them to be are not exactly the same so you may feel the need for some guidance.  Here are 5 blogs to follow for Catholic dating advice to help you understand how to uphold your Catholic morals in the modern dating world.

1Catholic4You’s Blog reminds you of traditional Catholic values.  These values are easy to lose in a society that does not always share them which is why Catholics need blogs like this one.  It presents the traditional values that Catholics who wish to follow the morals set forth in Catholicism are obliged to follow.  This blog presents these ideals as untouched by the times that people live in now and proudly holds fast to the original beliefs of the Catholic faith.  When you feel yourself straying from dating like a traditional Catholic, this blog can help you find your way back.

Faith, Hope, and Love is a blog site that covers many topics that are relevant for Catholics looking for dating advice.  A few of the topics included in the blog entries presented here are sex, online dating, and the Catholic view on dating after divorce.  These blogs will provide you with a lot of good information and just get you thinking about dating while always holding your commitment to Catholicism close to your heart.  The blogs come from multiple contributors so you will not necessarily be hearing about the exact same perspective over and over.

April Braswell – Dating Expert’s Dating And Relationship Tips This blog gives you practical advice on how to meet more people.  One of the most basic tips that is provided here is that if you want to meet a certain type of person then you need to go where that person goes.  This can mean events around town likely to attract the kind of person you are looking for or even an online dating site geared toward your perfect match.  This and much more dating advice can be found in this blog.

Catholic Dating Sites – Why You Should Give One A Try This is a blog entry that you need to read to understand why Catholic dating sites are worth your time.  As close Catholic communities are less common in many areas, the internet is a great way to meet other Catholic singles.  There are many other blog entries to be found here as well.  Not all are the best topics but you can always pick and choose the ones that appeal to you. Blogs The individual contributors to Blogs have individual blogs that are not all flush with entries but when they are all taken together then they become a valuable resource.  They explore even more topics like dating in college, the importance of loving yourself, and trying to find potential mates with genuine catholic morals.  Some of these entries come not from those with answers but from those with questions and the readers who reply to those questions give insight into what ordinary Catholics think about these dating matters.

Tomas H. Rheinecker blogs about safety precautions on Catholic Singles dating sites.

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