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5 Damaging Potty Training Methods That Don’t Work on Puppies – and 4 That Do

Potty training was always the most frustrating part of getting a new puppy for me. I once had a dog that took two years to potty train. But this experience hasn’t put me off from getting another dog. I’ve recently researched some effective ways on how to potty train a puppy and I can’t wait to try them out.

If you’re currently struggling with the same problem, here are some solutions you can start trying today. But that’s only coming later. No doubt you’ve been trying some of your own methods, right? Well, here’s what you should stop doing if you are doing it.

What Does Not Work?

Rubbing His Nose in it If your puppy gets a nose full of excrement every time he messes in your house, he’s going to feel completely confused and humiliated.

This method has been used throughout past decades and finally people have realized what a cruel practice it is. There are better ways to potty train your puppy, so avoid this method which has been proven ineffective anyway.

Spanking Him When you spank your dog, you break down the bond you’re trying to build. Spanking will only put anxiety and fear into your dog, which will present other problems like annoying puppy sounds and nervous barking.

Shouting at Him Expressing your anger & frustration through shouting or slamming will also have an adverse effect on your potty training efforts for your puppy.

Hoping He’ll Grow Out of it Some people seem to choose the other side of the extreme. Instead of actively teaching their puppies how to potty outside, they leave the situation hoping it will sort itself out.

But nature can’t potty train your puppy for you; that’s your job.

Locking Him Outside Out of sight, out of mind, right? Putting your puppy outside and isolating him from the household may seem like an easy option, but it won’t solve your puppy potty problem. It’s also a horrible way to start your new friendship.

You will have to actively teach your puppy from a young age how to potty outside. It’s hard work, but the reward is well worth it—and your puppy will appreciate your patience.

What Does Work?

A Strict Routine Actively potty training your puppy involves a routine where your puppy is taken outside at set times throughout the day.

Your puppy will completely miss this routine at first, but after a few days he will begin to realize what he’s supposed to do.

After weeks of repetition, your puppy will be potty trained. But here are some other tips to bear in mind.

Praising His Successes You should always make a fuss of your puppy when he potties outside. This will reinforce the behaviour and express to your puppy what you want from him. Keep treats with you when you go outside so that the reward is instant when success is achieved.

Being Super Attentive Even when it’s not a set time to take your puppy outside, always be sure to watch your puppy when he’s playing or exploring his new home

You’ll soon learn to read the signs of when your puppy is about to make an accident. His nose will probably be sniffing across the floor and his body will be slight hunched over.

This is when you need to grab your puppy and take him out for an out of schedule potty session.

Being Patient with Him Being patient really does work. I’ve seen the results of impatience and the results of patience. The former doesn’t come close to the latter. So go easy on your puppy. He needs you to teach him with love and understanding.

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