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5 Surprisingly Practical Reasons Why Some Married Men Don’t Wear Wedding Rings

Sometimes people are quick to judge, and they often label guys not wearing wedding rings as serial adulterers. However, there can be plenty of other reasons for not wearing a wedding ring besides scoring a hot one-night stand.  In fact, according to an NY Times article, a lot of male celebrities, who are famously married, don’t wear wedding rings. The list includes everyone from Donald Trump to Will Smith. Even Prince William often chooses to keep those fingers bare when making a public appearance. Long story short, wearing wedding rings or choosing not to is a completely personal choice. Following are 5 practical reasons why some men don’t wear rings.  

The Comfort Factor: A lot of men do not wear rings as fashion accessories. With no prior experience, wearing wedding rings for the first time does come with a teething period before it becomes comfortable. To make matters worse some wedding rings for men are made from cheap metals which cause contact allergy and itchiness. Fingers can also swell up during the cold season, which can make wearing a ring highly uncomfortable. 

Rings Are Not Suitable for Some Professions: Medical care professionals often need to operate MRI machines and they need to work with their hands. For them wearing a ring is more than just a mere inconvenience. Farmers also choose not to wear rings when working the fields to prevent damaging or losing them. There have also been instances of rings getting caught in moving parts of heavy machinery and thereby causing serious injuries. This is why metal workers and factory workers are often advised not to wear rings. Injuries caused by rings are so common they actually have a name for it, ring avulsion. Warning, it’s not pretty.

Not Wanting Display Their Marital Status: Just because a guy doesn’t want to showcase his marriage on his finger doesn’t mean he is unfaithful. In fact, your marital status is completely your business and whether you want to display it or not by wearing a wedding ring is completely your call. In fact, wearing an attention-grabbing wedding ring is often unsuitable in an office environment. Even when in casual settings, some men don’t wear rings because they don’t wish to announce their marriage to the rest of the world.

Wearing Something Expensive Can Be Unnerving: A lot of couples choose to spend huge bucks buying wedding rings. While they look great when worn during the wedding ceremony, they are too expensive and extravagant to be worn every day. Embellished with diamonds onto a precious-metal base, wearing an expensive-looking wedding ring can be unnerving for some people.

The Original Ring Doesn’t Fit: If the saying “ the way to man’s heart is through his belly” is true, then you cannot possibly blame the guy for gaining a few extra pounds. Gaining weight causes fingers to get fatter and it makes old wedding rings impossible to wear. While some metal rings can be easily resized others are difficult to modify later. For example, some titanium wedding rings are impossible to resize. So, if you spot a married friend not wearing his wedding ring, it’s probably because it doesn’t fit anymore.

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