7 Online Study Resources Every Vet Tech Student Should Bookmark

So you have chosen Vet Tech as your career goal, now you need to make it through your classes as smooth as possible. We have compiled a list of seven fantastic resources that should be bookmarked on your favorites list. They have endless avenues for learning above and beyond what you will see in the classroom. As a student you should know that access to reference resources are as important to you as your textbook. Take a look at these websites and see all the wonderful information available to you.

1. https://www.vetlearn.com – This site has full access to peer reviewed Clinical Journals for Veterinary Technicians, client handouts, videos, case studies and many more resources. Vetlearn.com is free but requires you to register with a username and password to gain access to their information.

2. https://www.ivis.org –International Veterinary Information Service- This website allows free access to electronic books, continuing education manuals, and interactive websites among other resources. It also has available to you an international calendar of Veterinary events for your reference.

3. https://www.fda.gov/cvm – U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine Online Library- This website provides quick links to government services and information. You can gain access to newsletters, medicines approved for Vet use, and publications.

4. https://cal.vet.upenn.edu – This website is from the Computer Assisted Learning at University of Pennsylvania. Its purpose is to supplement the Veterinary curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania. It is a fantastic resource with pictures, case studies, and lots of information for you to reference in your own studies, no matter what college you are attending.

5. https://martindalecenter.com/vet.html – A “virtual” Veterinary Center that has a seemingly endless amount of resources at this website.

6. https://bangavet.com – This is a vast collection of information compiled by Dr. Rajesh Banga. It has a very detailed breakdown of many websites to find information, pictures and whatever you might need to study for your next exam.

7. https://vspn.org – Veterinary Support Personnel Network- To have free access to this website you have to complete a registration application. Once you have done that you can utilize their libraries, message boards, chat rooms, and anything else you could find there. They even have classified listings! It’s a good website to interact with other students or people who are already employed in the field.

These seven websites are only a small part of what is available to you on the web. Your college website may also have links to websites not listed here. It is always a good idea to talk to your fellow students and find out what they use to aid in their study habits.

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