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Even before I decided to give up my job, I told myself I’ll try to spend time with my daughter as much as I could. To work at home is the best option in my list so far. God is good! Opportunities to work at home poured in and that includes my paid blogging. But I can’t just depend on that so I had to find another option. And I got one! For more than a month that I’ve been doing that, I’ve taken down the positive and negative points of being a WAHM – graveyard.

Sleeping Hours 

+ I get to spend more time in the morning with my daughter.

– I sacrifice few more hours before I could go to sleep as in s-l-e-e-p. That is more likely from 7am-1pm. As soon as she takes her nap, that’s the time that I sleep peacefully with her as much as possible.


+ I don’t have to worry about my lunch and transportation fare. I don’t have to look good and spend hours in front of the mirror putting my make up on, etc. I could save money from buying office clothes and other kikay stuff.
– I have to pay for my electricity bills. If something goes wrong or my PC crashes, I have to shoulder the expenses. Unlike working in an office, the company pays for it.

Working Environment 

+ I could work with my two legs up, take a break for as long as I complete 8 hours a day. And the best part, I don’t have to deal with a boss whose 8 hours commanding you on what to do. Less headache and pressure.

– I’d say there’s nothing much negative on this aspect but sometimes it feels good to work in an office – real office…


+ I could finish my personal errands  during the daytime when offices are open.

– I don’t get time to go out for a gimmick with my friends. Especially in my case, I haven’t been home for a longgggggg time, so expect that.

– I miss my night sleeping hours with my daughter, especially the cuddling moments. Sometimes she’d get up and say “mama, sleep” asking me to lay down beside her, but I can’t.

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