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8 Facts About Derelle

I was tagged by Mommy Van. So you all wanna know some facts about my little princess? Here they are:

1) Why Derelle? She’s got two names actually. First name is Derelle, second name is Francella. It’s a combination of Derrick + Michelle which are obviously our names, and Francia + Estella taken from her grandmothers’ names.

2) And Why Deye? She was the one who nicknamed herself Deye. It’s a babytalk of her first name.

3) She’s a potato sucker. In any form. And she calls it “apoteh”. Don’t ask me why, coz I also don’t know how she came up to that word.

4) She loves to drink sokolet dus. No, it’s not a brand. That’s how she says chocolate juice. Why juice? Go figure hahaha!

5) Her “bo”. Even if you give her numbers of soft toys, she would choose her “bo” as in baho pillow. It has to have that smell. If you wash it, she won’t touch it for days. So don’t dare wash it. If you can’t take the smell anymore, you have to talk to her and tell her some excuses why “bo” has to disappear.

6) She loves to be hugged while asleep. And covers her legs with another pillow.

7) The first word she said was “mama“.

Last but not the least…

8) She’s definitely a music lover. If you have time, dig my old posts here and you’ll find some audio clips that I recorded.

I am tagging Yohan, Adi and Louna.

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