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A Banana And Glass Of Milk

Some women tend to have strange cravings during their pregnancy. But mine weren’t. They are available and easy to find in the market. Though I didn’t realize that I was actually craving for them – banana and milk. I just thought that I began to like them. Period.

Two weeks before the big news was confirmed, I often find myself in one of the convenient stores nearby our house. And it has become a part of my morning routine – before I go to work. I would thoroughly check the banana skin, they should have no black spots and if they do, I would confront the store guy and demand for a good one. Along with that, I would buy a liter of whole milk and keep it in the office fridge. That went on for like almost two weeks – everyday.

I recall having breast pains at that time. But never had an idea that I could be pregnant. There were no other signs. No throwing up. No dizziness. Nothing. I told my mom about it. Including the banana and milk thing. Then she told me to get a pregnancy test kit and have a check. I still did not.

After 10 days of delay, my friend called me out of the blue and asked “Mitch, did you get your period already?” I wanted to ask, why do you wanna know? Instead, I said “Oh not yet! And I don’t wanna know if I am pregnant if that’s your purpose of asking me…. I don’t want another disappointment. Since February, It’s been like this, so maybe I’ll get it in another few days”.

After the conversation, I suddenly thought of what my mom said. That made me bought a test kit.

The next day, D was off. After office hours, we headed to town. And there we passed a pharmacy. I sent him in to get a test kit. Hehehe! As soon as we got home, something was telling me “go and check”. I was hesitant coz they said it’s more accurate if you do it in the morning. But then I thought, I could get another one for tomorrow morning.

I got two lines. One must’ve represented the glass of milk while the other one was for the banana. *wink*

And the rest came after……

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