A blessed 2010 indeed!

After the short meet up I had with Mica, I received a call from my husband. He said “I just received my New Year’s gift!” and I was like “Huh?!” It slipped my mind! Really! I then realized he was talking about his employment status at present. But then it was too late when I asked, the line was cut!

Few hours before 12mid, he called again… And said “I got a new job!”. I said “Really? Where?” He said “Still with DHL but I’d be staying permanently here in Bahrain, new contract will be in my hands within next week.”

I was so relieved. It felt great!

I chose to be discreet and never mentioned in my previous posts that my husband almost lost his job months ago. Sorry but I can’t mention the details here. And with my current situation, that was really stressful. Yet, I never lost hope. Yes, I was worried big time but had to be stronger for him and even encouraged him to continue working hard despite the situation.

I had my fingers crossed for more than 3 months. But of course, at the back of my mind, there were worries. Lots of them to be honest. Our family is growing so more expenses are expected to come and if he loses his job, we’re dead! Sure we have a back-up in our account but until when?

God is good. We just received another blessing just before 2010 started. A blessed 2010 indeed!

Before I end this post, let me all wish you again a blessed and happy New Year! Now, let me finish an article up re : human growth hormone.

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