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A Bulleted List of 2009 Highlights

Bulleted. For me, it’s just an excuse as I can’t seem to think of a good composition right at this moment. Better yet list ’em down this way:

  • Last year, at this time we were getting ready for our India trip. My bad! I forgot to take along with me my husband’s tuxedo for my sister in law’s wedding. We then had his suit stitched there. Glad one shop accepted rush order teehee!
  • As soon as we got back from our 2 weeks trip, I applied online and was luckily chosen. Worked as a Corporate Assistant beginning February. But due to fortunate and some unfortunate events, I had to make a decision and leave the job after 4 months.
  • May 2009, a surprised vacation of my husband where he told me he was coming a week before his arrival.
  • That surprised vacation brought us the greatest news after a month. We were blessed with another priceless gift, our 2nd bundle of joy and she’s expected to come anytime next month or later.
  • July 2009, the month where I have become a completely stage mother waiting for more than 2 hours everyday in school.

To be continued… that is if I remember to do so LOL!

A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger at any time. I’m 42 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.

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    It seems like it was a great year for you.
    For me it was also important:
    1. May, 2009 – I gradueted my University
    2. August, 2009 – I got married
    3. October, 2009 – I got a better job
    4. October, 2009 – I found out that Im pregnant.

    As our baby will be born in 2010, it’s also a vey important yera for us.


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