A Challenging Week – Part 1

Few hours from now, Erchelle will be celebrating her one week being with us. She’s my second child but it feels like the first time I became a mom. The excitement of holding her, hearing her cry, and bonding with her and Ate Deye make MOMents more special.

It has been a challenging week for me though. Healing and recovering from a CSec operation make the days more challenging. If I had a normal delivery, it would have been better. I’m not complaining! I know I’m lucky and so thankful that my mom is around helping me out with both my girls.

So why do I say it’s challenging?

Welcoming a new sibling. I didn’t have a hard time explaining Deye that she’s going to be an “ate” soon but the fact that she feels insecure that anytime soon “her mama” will be shared with another baby is a different issue. There are times when she wouldn’t come to me making me feel she is jealous but most of the time she demands more attention from me especially when she sees that I’m holding and feeding the baby.

Some scenarios:

On her birthday, she said to me “Mama, you dress me up ha?” I said, of course, but let Mita give you a bath coz Mama can’t still bend and move very well.

Since Erchelle regurgitate a little milk after a feed and sometimes comes out from her nose, I frequently check on her in her crib and don’t sleep either even when she is. I made a deal with mom that we take turns while I’m still recovering. The other night, after tucking Deye in her blanket, she went under it and said “Mama, isilip mo din ako”.

Again, I talked to her explaining her that she shouldn’t get jealous if I’m with Erchelle coz she needs Mama’s care. She couldn’t talk, sit, walk and eat alone like you do. I’m sure she understood. So what I do, when I put Erchelle to sleep sometimes, I squat on the bed, hold Erchelle in my arm and let Ate Deye lay down on my left or right leg. That way she won’t feel neglected.

To be continued….

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