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A Clove For A Toothache

I never knew that clove is a toothache relief. I came home yesterday with a toothache. Told my husband about it. That time it was just starting. He came at night and told me to put a “clove” where it’s aching. I couldn’t bear the taste but I did. I was relieved for a while. It actually numbs and cools your gum. But when I woke up, the pain was still there.
Now, I doubt if it’s a toothache…. When I try to open my mouth, it hurts like hell especially on my left jaw. It couldn’t be mumps bcoz I didn’t have a high fever. I just hope there’ll be no phone calls today waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Btw, I googled “cloves for toothache” and this was one of the results. Good thing that we have these available at home which we basically use for Indian dishes heehee!

A great natural toothache remedy is to either ground clove or pure food grade clove oil on the affected tooth. This is the most well known of all herbal toothache remedies. I list this remedy first since most people have

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  • raqgold

    hi mitch, i read about that remedy but my hubby dont want to try it; ang effective esp with my kids are gurgling with lukewam water mixed with some salt. and then warm bottle to cuddle with while sleeping — hope you’d feel better soon!


  • Mitchteryosa

    It’s bcoz of the after taste maybe. I just had to do it coz I didn’t have a choice :-(.

    It’s actually my gum that is more aching, not the tooth kasi buong-buo naman sya. I can still munch on things pero masakit when I open my mouth.



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