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A family car

One of our plans next year is to get our family a car, a second hand maybe. Call me crazy but would you believe if I’d tell you I have already asked for an rv insurance quote? LOL! That’s how fast I am!

Kidding aside, I really would love to pursue this plan within next year but the thing is I don’t know how to drive and I don’t think I have that interest to learn. But we’ll see, maybe if I see the car in front of my already, I would.

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  • LordCM

    dali lang yan mitch, si misis nag enjoy sa driving lesson nung time na bibili na kami ng sasakyan. sa 5 months nyang nagdadrive, 1 beses pa lang naman nabangga lolzz, take note sya ang binangga, nasa sidewalk na ung gulong ng sasakkyan namin kakaiwas ni misis binangga pa rin 😀


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