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A woman is never complete, until she gives birth…Dear Madam just think about it once more, this words will really hurt those women who are living with empty womb, not because of their fault.
Message from a certain Neelima Krishnamoothy.

*** The first line was mine posted in one of my previous entries.

First, I acknowledge your message. Thanks for the reminder! I respect your opinion. You are entitled to that.

Second, I apologize if you find that line an offensive one. But I have my personal reasons for saying that.

Third, I personally apologize to those women who found and may find that post offensive. I didn’t mean that.

Lastly, just a reminder that this is my personal blog containing my personal thoughts. Almost all of the things/situations posted/published in this blog were all based from my personal experience.


I should’ve done this before. Now, I am doing it. I have just added a friendly note on the upper right corner of my blog that reads:

This is my personal blog, containing my personal thoughts. Everything published in this blog is based on my personal views. It is not my intention, in any case, to neither hurt nor impair something on someone else’s feelings.

Thank you.

Blog Author/Owner

Again, thanks Ms. Neelima Krishnamoothy. I really appreciate your message.

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