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A heart to heart talk

I’ve recently noticed Deye’s misbehaving attitude and it really bothers me, especially during the time when bunso was in the hospital. This evening, right after bunso went to sleep, I took advantage of Deye’s good mood. I talked to her like a grown up.

Me: Ate, may problema ka ba? Does something bother you?

Deye: Opo. Kasi I want Dada here na.

Me: Why? Mama is here naman, you can talk to me. But you know what I noticed when Mama asks and tells you something, you don’t listen to me. Bakit po?

Deye: Eh because… because… akala ko di mo ako love (I thought you don’t love me).

Me: Of course, Mama loves you so much. Kasi you are my first baby. You are my baby ate di ba? *Then I explained her why I had to give more attention to bunso recently, and it seems that she understood.*

Deye: Eh kasi you didn’t put me to sleep the other night, tapos di mo ako aalagaan.

Me: Kasi sometimes Mama is tired that I cannot put you to sleep anymore. (She’s used to me patting her leg like a baby) But when I have time, I do right?

Deye: Opo. *hugs me tight*

Me: So always remember Mama loves you very much, it’s just that Mama has to go to work so Dada & I can buy you things that you want most, and don’t get jealous if I carry and take care of Erchelle, kasi she’s still a baby. She can not talk, she can not even tell Mama what she wants.

Deye: Okay, Mama. Sorry po, Mama for akala ko hindi mo ako love, kasi di mo ako aalagaan saka ipapatulog.

Me: Okay po *hugs her while she’s seated on my lap*

Then she goes like….

Deye: O Mama, you say sorry to me din pala for akala ko di mo ako love, saka di mo ako aalagaan when you are tired and di mo ako ipapatulog pag sleepy na ako.

So bossy eh? Of course, I did say sorry to her, takot ko lang kay Madam haha!

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