When I said I was going to put up a ‘home canteen’ rather ‘Mama’s canteen’, and sell foodstuff/snacks to my girls once (online) school started, I wasn’t joking.

Back story: They were demanding for school ‘pera’ baon as if they were still going ‘out’ to school, so I thought it’s going to be a smarter move to give in to their demand but all snacks will be sold to them at a fixed price.

I was supposed to start selling yesterday but didn’t get the chance to grab some from the supermarket last weekend so I started and officially “opened” my ‘canteen’ only today. Btw, everything is sold at Php10 each regardless of how much I bought them for.

7am – They had breakfast, a heavy one at that, so as expected ‘merienda’ time will happen at a later time.

10am – Still no signs from my ‘customers’. I am guessing they were still okay, stuffed from their morning breakfast.

11am – Finally, Ishi bought a bottle of C2. Buena mano! She paid, of course.

11:30am – Ate Deye grabbed a pack of Chuckie, and paid, too.

Half-day has gone, stuck at Php20.

Lunch conversation went like:

Me: Bakit parang ayaw nyong bumili?

Ishi: Kelangan magtipid.

Me: *Grinning*

Exactly what I had in mind. No, I still didn’t reveal my next move. Instead I told them “It’s also not good to starve just because you need to save up, just buy what you can consume and make sure to finish it up.”

3:30pm – Right after Ate was finished with her last subject, she bought a pack of Dew Berry.

Happy here! Php30 na o! But what made me happier was when I saw her handing a piece of cookie to Ishi. Art of sharing unlocked!

This mama is winning! Exactly why all items are sold at Php10 each. The purpose is not to earn back, but I was actually teaching them a lesson here.

Gusto nyo ng baon, fine. That can be done but that has to be spent on wisely for something useful, and whatever you spend it on with should be consumed with no waste, or used with care.

I think it worked. This exercise taught them a lesson – spending wisely, saving up, and sharing.

Selling ends today as I write. If in case ‘makalimot’ sila, then my ‘canteen’ is always available to operate again.

Mitch Carvalho

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