A Life Of Fighting

Tears rolled down on my cheeks as I watched Wowowee’s tribute to soldiers last night. There were around 400 soldiers in the studio who in the beginning of the show grinned, giggled and laughed as they saw Angel Locsin posed with them. Many of them even happily participated in the Yugyog segment.

But as soon as Willie Revillame welcomed and asked the Willie of Fortune contestants on what actually happened to their loved ones and how they faced and accepted the news, the atmosphere in the studio changed. It has become emotional….

Almost everyone wept a tear especially (including me) when Susanita sung her own version of Eva Eugenio’s song – Ano Ang Gagawin Kung Wala Ka na dedicated to her 25 year old son who was killed in Basilan. I wish I was able to note down the lyrics – but my emotions did not allow me to grab a pen and paper at that very sensitive moment. It was a very emotional and touching piece that shows the importance of a mother and child bond.

Another participant touched my heart when she said that they just got married last May, and were only able to spend their married life together for 5 days. After 5 days, her husband had to go back to Basilan for his mission. The night before he was killed, he requested his wife to keep on texting messages with him. She didn’t realize that those messages will be the last.

She handed over a black t-shirt to Willie as a token that reads:

We follow a lonely road
One of valor
One of sacrifice
We are your Marines
You may pay us with your taxes
But we repay you with our lives


My heart goes out to them….

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