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A Love Story Unfolds With 3 Dramatic Stars

A Love Story” is a riveting story about a man, a woman and the wife who comes between them.

When I first saw the trailer on TV, I told myself “gusto ko itong panoorin“. I couldn’t remember exactly how it was said, but it was something like “when does a wife become a mistress?” and vice versa…

O di ba intro pa lang interesting na hahaha!

But I’m confused. Who is the wife and who is the mistress? Is it Maricel or Angelika? If you look at the other movie poster here, parang si Angelika ang wife coz Aga and Maricel look very happy together. Let’s admit it, once marriage is invaded by another person, that other person over rules the relationship. And worst, mas sila ang nagmumukhang mag-asawa, di ba?

I really want to see this movie. I’m glad they have a worldwide screening and Bahrain is one of those – this weekend. I just hope I’ll get to watch it (as if I can), otherwise for sure it’ll be on pirated DVDs hehehe!

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  • Lynn

    I haven’t watched this too because no one wants to go with me. Perhaps I’ll end up watching it with a “Jack Sparrow ” DVD too, hehe. Intrigued din ako who is the mistress. From the hints they gave during their promo, it’s Maricel Soriano. I also want to see a trimmer Aga Muhlach.

    I think so too, it’s Maricel Soriano… Galing nilang manglito no? :p


  • Pao

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    Thanks din for visiting my page! Naku eh isa yan sa templates ng WP, banner lang ang akin. :p


  • goddessofthenightsky

    maganda raw ito sabi ng officemate ko. napanood na nya. yan tuloy gusto ko ring panoorin kahit bihira akong manood ng pinoy movies. hehehe! at syempre, dahil makaka-relate talaga siguro ako rito.

    Ayan! Lalo tuloy lumalaki ang interes kong mapanood hahaha!


  • Rowena

    Hi Mitch, I also want to see this movie, am still looking for someone to go with me. Hubby doesn’t want to watch Pinoy movies, same plot daw lagi…I think Maricel is the mistress, kasi di ba laging younger & sexier ang mistress sa movies before, para maiba, o me twist kaya? Whatever… if I’m the scriptwriter, I would do it that way (frustrated screenplay writer kasi ako), he he.

    Nangangati nga ang paa kong manood ng sine on Friday kaso walang maiiwan sa anak ko hehe! May pasok kasi si mister sa Friday. Malamang hintayin ko na lang yung pirated DVD dito. :p


  • Margie

    Hi Mitch!

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    Have a great day!

    Hi Gie! Thanks! Glad you like it! Uy sorry ha I wasn’t able to check your group the next day, I had to be at home, nagdisappear kasi bigla ang babysitter kaya ayun…

    I’ll check it out later!


  • Kongkong622

    Ako napanood ko na!! Last week pa…hehehe!! It’s so nice. Actually, I had no plans of watching as I am not a huge fan of Aga Muhlach. Weird ba. Anyway, my Ninang, who is a member of the Film Reviews Board, told me that she reviewed it and was really impressed. She didn’t give it an A rating but said that it was a must-see. And it was a good one. Si Aga may 6-pack abs na!! Too good for a 38-year old 🙂

    Mukha nga talagang maganda eh! Pareho tayo di ko tipo si Aga, mas type ko si Fafa Echo hihihi!

    So ano si Maricel nga ba ang mistress?


  • feng

    haven’t watched the movie too, maybe sa weekend na lang. pero tama ka, para nga si Maricel ang mistress sa movie. what do you think?

    Tingin ko din si Maricel ang mistress eh! Para maiba naman hehe!


  • feng

    Mitch, I was able to watched it na last night with Hubby. jologs man ako as my husband teased me as that, hay naku, deadma na lang coz super ganda ng movie indeed. 🙂

    gusto mo ng spoiler? tama tayo sa guesses natin, si Maria nga ang mistress. and the struggle was for Angelica to win back his Aga 🙂

    Extended nga dito sa Bahrain ang screening till today kaso di naman ako makalayas sa bahay waaaaaah!

    Sabi ko na eh!


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