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A Merrier YM Conversation

One of the many things that I do on my spare time is “listen to the radio”. To the radio built in my cellphone. But one disadvantage with a radio is that you only get to listen what is played at that moment. Unlike when you listen from a CD player (playing your fave music collection) or say for an example an ipod playing your uploaded MP3 collection, you get to choose the songs that make you feel good or bring you back to the good memories.

Just a while ago I was chatting with my husband. I told him that I have recorded Deye’s conversation with me but I am still trying to figure out how to download it from my cellphone, upload it to the PC and send to him. I know it’s simple but unluckily my micro mem card got corrupted and there’s no other way I could download it. That time my brother was out. I would’ve sent the media files via bluetooth. I was left with no choice but to wait till night. When I was finally done with the file transferring from his cellphone to the PC, I wanted to blog about it. I usually upload MP3s in imeem, and link it to the file where I am posting it. I had to search again for an online converter coz I had lost all my bookmarked sites last month. I whined about it. Hahaha! That’s a lotta work to do huh! My husband then told me to either get a new memory card for my cellphone so I don’t have to worry even if my memory gets full or find a cheap Ipod Touch where I can store the MP3s I have plus all the recorded voice of Deye.

In my mind I said oh okay! But wait who’s paying?, I asked him… Hmmm… Merry Christmas Dada! LOL! I’m pretty sure he got the message! Don’t you think an ipod makes a great gift? Agree or disagree?

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