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A more reliable customized shoe rack

Image 1 – How it looks like when the door is closed | Image 2 – Empty  | Image 3 – Filled and organized with shoes, and school bags heehee!

It’s not that we are shoe lovers but just imagine 2 girls and a lady who own more than 5-10 pairs each, it could be a nightmare arranging and organizing them daily.

I’ve had 2 sets of the Amazing Shoe Rack, but gave up on us after a few months (The picture below still shows a set of the Amazing Shoe Rack left after the first one collapsed, but this one also gave up just weeks ago). So I had to find another way to get our shoes in order – DIY Shoebox Organizer! Pleasant to look at but it could be irritating when you are in a hurry.


Since there were wood scraps from the cabinet and bench, I’ve made use of them and turned it into a more reliable shoe rack. Too bad I made a mistake explaining to the carpenter that I wanted the length (from back to front) a little more than what he made. Anyway, I still managed to maximize the shelves and boxes. The ones with peep holes facing in front are the ones that we frequently use while the ones from the middle to right are the ones that we occasionally use. 3 pairs of the girls’ shoes could actually fit in one box but not the rubber shoes and sneakers so I had to keep them in one of the empty shelves of our TV cabinet. I know it’s odd but that will do for now, the shelves are covered anyway haha!


Just imagine if my husband is here. How do you think I will manage all the shoes that we have? I know… I know… I need more boxes!

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